You can now incorporate 3D into your application. Users can manipulate the objects in real time and from any angle with their fingers. Combining 3D to the infinity of interactive possibilities, PandaSuite now covers one of the largest field of digital creation. Simply that.

The Culture 3D Cloud project is a collaboration between well-known technology and business partners (RMN Photos, Centre des Monuments Nationaux …). It was a great opportunity for PandaSuite to develop this specific field and pursue its ambition to make technology easier for everyone.


3D Culture Cloud is a cloud computing platform for 3D scanning, documentation, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. Contrary to the complexity of traditional technologies, the objective was to enable any photographer to acquire images of an artwork, transform them into a 3D model and disseminate for commercial purpose.

PandaSuite made it possible on a tablet. 3D in an app, how does it work? Watch this video from 1:04. The 3D model (which is called a naskoi) is synchronized with a text, but it can also be directly manipulated by the user or controlled by a simple tap on images.

Today, every professional can create interactive applications with a 3D model and add  multimedia content without any line of code. Beyond this technological challenge, the 3D model becomes an interactive experience component for all kinds of stories: tourism, architecture, learning ….

If 3D is your thing, do not hesitate to embark on the adventure PandaSuite and contact us. We’ll help you integrate your model into your app, it will be an opportunity to chat and get to know each other! 🙂