Two Days With ECV Bordeaux School

Two Days With ECV Bordeaux School

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It is always a pleasure to work with students. It feels like we're still young and they provide us with great qualitative feedbacks 😉

A few weeks before our official launch, the students of the Gobelins Interaction Design and Interfaces (DIIT) were the first to be trained on PandaSuite and are now among the most active users.

LISAA, Paris 8, Esten, Iscom ... there are more and more partnerships with different formats: presentation, training workshop, follow-up of final projects ...

In November, we were invited by the ECV Bordeaux school to give a talk to 4th-year students through two days of discovery and practice.

At the end of the first training day (plenary session + practical exercises), we launched the hackathon based on: "New Ways to Tell Stories".

Rethinking a narration ... in a few hours!

Interactivity offers the opportunity to tell stories differently and to break with a linear format. Like the book "You Are The Hero," students were asked to tell us a story in whatever form they thought was relevant.

Although students have a week to prepare their content and think about their interactions, the main challenge was to bring their ideas to life in a few hours and with a tool that until recently was unknown to them.

We were amazed by the creativity of the students. Some were too ambitious and unfortunately did not finalize their project, but all had a real original approach in the narrative. Thanks to Matthieu and Ian for offering us this great opportunity to exchange with their students 🙂

Some of the achievements

Among the many projects presented, here is a panel of the different kind of stories:


An astronaut lost in the galaxy searches his way and faces delicate situations. He must make the right choices not to die or get lost in space. In this narrative-game approach, the user is at the center of the decisions. The graphic universe, the funny tone of voice and the Parallaxe effects bring a true identity to this story.


Escape is the story of a quest and a wonderful work of illustrations. Horizontal or vertical navigation accompanies the reader's movement in the narration and the animations come to draw the attention of the reader on the actions to be undertaken.

Travel to the End of the World

This project is an application for children to discover the world and its landscapes. The illustrations are great to discover the richness of the continents and we hope this group will be able to bring its ideas of gamification to life in the final application!

One Punch Man

This project focuses on manga. "One Punch Man" is a narrative in images and in sound in which the reader controls the speed of reading (through simple tap). Its sequenced construction and its sound universe bring a true dynamism in the line of the turbo media.

The cat of the museum

This cat is your best guide to discover the most emblematic paintings of the museum from a new angle. Caress, shake, follow the cat and keep a good eye on the paintings: they reveal themselves in a new light!

Time Out

What way to get to school as quickly and smoothly as possible? Between the photo novel and the game of tracks, "Time out" is built many alternatives and winks daily 😉 The pictures were taken the morning of the hackathon!


Mid-game, mid-experience, Constellations takes you into the universe of stars for our greatest pleasure.

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