City of Tonnerre has its own interactive touristic guide

City of Tonnerre has its own interactive touristic guide

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A touristic innovative project , here is what Tonnerre au Coeur is. This app is a true interactive touristic guide. Quirky and historic places, GPS sensor, pop-up, music... discover the app's backstages, made in Tonnerre of course!

An educational and participating project


Tonnerre au Coeur is the result of a great teamwork between Chevalier d'Eon de Tonnerre high school students of "Patrimoine" special section, city's communication departmentinhabitants and Françoise Parraud, artistic director. A few numbers to describe Tonnerre au Coeur:

7 student groups

10 unusual and historic places

a visit of 1h30

2 languages available

1 winning prize in a contest

Principle is simple: user follows a guided way on his screen from place to place. The app gives information on each place as a textvideo or audio file. Tonnerre au Coeur is more than a simple guide because it includes true archives. Students have created these documents with inhabitants' help. The documentation is genuine and faithful to Tonnerre's History, thanks to that teamwork

The app offers a real jump in the past with its anecdotes, stories and legends. This app is a vestige of the past. There is a bonus during the tour: a quiz to test knowledges with a prize to win at the end.

It's not a visit, it's an interactive visit!

User participates to his visit. For instance, he will have to use his camera, directly from the app, and add pictures to the gallery. Students have used GPS, and brilliantly: the components sends a sound alert and opens a pop-up window with documentation when users cross paths with an interest place. An ingenious use of several components in PandaSuite which will surprises users for sure! Remember to activate geolocation you could miss something...


A special logo has been created to inform users when there is an extra document about a place. These resources are available when the logo appears and blinks on the screen. Archivestextspicturesinterviewsmovies... everything is collected by students.

Laureate to Marianne d'Or contest


Created in 1984, it is the first civic contest in France. It aims to encourage, promote and propel local initiatives to national scene. The Marianne d'Or rewards elected members for their creativity, their sens of innovation and for their involvement in territory development.


City of Tonnerre receives this glorious prize for the app Tonnerre au Coeur. Why? Because the result of this work fulfils contest's conditions: innovationdevotioncreativityeducationlocaldevelopment,  intergenerational meetings... these conditions are in fact the contest's values. It's a well deserved prize, bravo for the city of Tonnerre!

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