Digital tools and new interactive experiences are only the visible part of a deeper reality: today, brands must reinvent themselves and enhance their DNA through powerful storytelling and orchestrate everything in a coherent and creative way through digital tools.

Storytelling in the digital age

The art of storytelling is more than just essential in the digital revolution. If you try to create digital content without clear, developed, and inspiring guidelines, you’ll quickly see the results… or rather, you won’t! Technology offers you new possibilities to tell your stories, but those stories must still be structured and defined in advance. Otherwise your content might sound gimmicky and/or deceptive.

Put meaning at the center

Storytelling makes it possible to talk about the company’s strategy within its ecosystem, and even to go further and express the company’s role within society. And today, it’s important that companies must justify their impact & responsibility in a quickly evolving world.
Effective storytelling must be based on the company’s DNA, it must reflect the experience of employees and also all of the company’s stakeholders (customers, partners…) in terms of values, experiences, etc.

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Be creative

Digital tools offer a wide, but also challenging field of expression. The way in which interactions between the brand and its audience are created is essential to bringing the discourse to life, and it is in this way that creativity can be expressed through digital media.

The example of Thales Alenia Space

The strategic repositioning of Thales Alenia Space in collaboration with the Makassar communication agency clearly illustrates the need for concrete and powerful storytelling that uses the brand’s digital tools and speaking engagements.


As a world leader in the space sector, Thales Alenia Space wanted to reconsider its image in the eyes of the world, namely by relying on its highly technological DNA. The company called on Makassar’s teams to restore the meaning to satellite system development in a pragmatic and emotional way.


Based on an analysis of the brand’s DNA and interviews with stakeholders, the “Space for life” concept was chosen and translated into a story covering all the missions of the brand and its customers: “space to connect”, “space to navigate”, “space to observe”, “space to explore”… nourished by success stories, concrete examples and key figures.

An application at the heart of the system

To support this new system, Thales Alenia Space chose a dynamic and interactive presentation to be used across all the group’s presentations: Le Bourget Air Show, internal events… The application, available on a tablet and via a simple URL, is structured around the 5 “space to” entries and illustrates each dimension of the speech with concrete examples. Multimedia content enriches the experience.

Coaching has been organised with the Group’s main representatives to ensure that they feel fully comfortable with the use of this new digital tool.

For more information (in French):

Digital Storytelling: The Thales Alenia Space Case Study
Digital Storytelling: The Thales Alenia Space Case Study
Digital Storytelling: The Thales Alenia Space Case Study