Teufel's Wandering, an interactive digital novel

Teufel's Wandering, an interactive digital novel

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  • Teufel's Wandering, an interactive digital novel

Teufel's Wandering is part of a bigger project than the app itself. This digital novel belongs to a transmedia project with a graphic novel, a movie and the app. Teufel's Wandering takes place in the middle of the movie Azimuth. Sand dunes, bunkers and dark night, here is Teufel's Wandering.

Teufel's Wandering is a living chapter of Azimuth

The app is part of the short-film Azimuth. This project was born with the creation of the production association Les Films du Vril. The production agency Canasucre joined the aventure to help them and Pictanovo financially supported the project. The app matchs with the movie when Teufel gets lost in the sand dunes during a scooter race, an azimut. Teufel tries to find his way trough sand dunes, bunkers and the dark night. Users follow Teufel in this dark and disturbing context.

Users feel this wandering too and creators built this story with the willing to immerse us in the darkness during 8 chapters: interactivities with the tablet, video extract, weird sounds... Lectors are in fact actors of the story. They get lost and discover the story over animations and interactivities. They have to find their way... Teufel's Wandering is a wonderful example of what is possible with PandaSuite because users will find many components and actions made in the studio

8-l'errance de teufel

No movie without the app and no app without the movie

In an interview of Anthony Liefooghe for Pyramyd Formation (article is just here on the Pyramyd website) in 2016, movie director and app creator talked about his work. He has created the digital novel concurrently with the short film because they are part of the movie in it as pop-up windows perfectly built-in the app's navigation. And the movie includes scenes and animations taken from Teufel's Wandering. An interconnection work for an as complex as successful project.

PandaSuite chosen for a digital novel

Anthony Liefgoohe explains his choice for Panda to create his projet. He met Panda while he trained on another tool and he found a real creation liberty source.

"Components are intuitives and they don't have creative or use limit."

"That's the most enjoyable, stimulating and seriously playful conception interface I've ever used"

A feedback that warms our heart.

Free your ideas, not to put a curb on your creation, a playful and intuitive interface... that's why we work every day and see projects as beautiful and successful as Teufel's Wandering is a great reward!

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