The benefits of adding interactive content to your marketing strategy

Is creating more engaging content part of your 2019 goals? With lowered attention spans and the need to stand out, interactive content is THE solution that more and more marketers are turning to when trying to strengthen audience engagement and increase their conversion rates. Easy to create, able to be used across your channels [...]

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5 Innovative Digital Experiences to Make a Museum Visit Come Alive

Digital tools are no longer just for big cultural institutions that are able to spend lots of time and money developing them. They’re ready for use by all kinds of structures and project managers, giving them the ability to quickly imagine and create new interactions between the visitor and the work. Let’s take a [...]

Interactions, digitalisation, audioguide ... L'interview vidéo de Anne-Marie Van Dongen

Anne-Marie Van Dongen nous a reçu à la Cité de le Mode et du Design pour nous parler de sa création, Peter Knapp. Cette application a vu le jour pour l'exposition Peter Knapp, Dancing in the Street. Retour sur son parcours, ses projets et sur la digitalisation des musées : [...]

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3D Interactions With Ancient Statuary at the Louvre Museum

An interactive table was installed in the Louvre Museum for the visitors to play with a priceless Egyptian statuary of the King Osorkon II. Rotate, zoom in and control the object to discover the written details. This realistic rendering was only made possible with the use of the 3D . Try on site! [...]

Beaubourg 3D Printing Art as Seen by Students From Jacques Prévert High School

A partnership between the Graphic Design section of Jacques Prévert High School (Boulogne Billancourt) and the Centre Georges Pompidou let students create interactive experiences centered on works displayed in the expo “Imprimer le monde”. Le Centre Pompidou is investigating aspects of 3D printing in a small collective expo presented in its Gallery 4. Once machines can fabricate objects [...]

April 7th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Best Use Cases for Beacon Technology

A few days ago we talked about beacon technology and the outlook for an ever-more personalized user experience. Even if beacon sensors are principally used in stores, there are more and more initiatives being undertaken in other areas: in airports, during events, in museums and offices. To find out a bit more, check out this article with [...]

December 1st, 2016|Tags: , , |

What are Beacons?

Have you already heard about beacons? These little sensors are a promising technology, but they’re still relatively unknown. Smartphone usage is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Whether in a store or a museum, there are new interactive possibilities between a visitor and a location. Nonetheless, many interiors block cellular signals and [...]

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The real Web Summit

Last week, we were at the Web Summit in Dublin. The Web Summit is presented as THE international tech event of the year bringing together the most successful start-ups (Instagram, Facebook, Stripe...), the promising ones and the crème of show-biz (Bono, actors from Games of Thrones...). That was just enough to stir [...]

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Why the cloud technology?

At PandaSuite, we like to keep our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground. :-) Contrary to most digital creation tools, PandaSuite uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) model; i.e. an online (cloud) service that you can register on without any attached obligations. This service will become very noticeable when [...]

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