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5 Innovative Digital Experiences to Make a Museum Visit Come Alive

Digital tools are no longer just for big cultural institutions that are able to spend lots of time and money developing them. They’re ready for use by all kinds of structures and project managers, giving them the ability to quickly imagine and create new interactions between the visitor and the work. Let’s take a [...]

3D Interactions With Ancient Statuary at the Louvre Museum

An interactive table was installed in the Louvre Museum for the visitors to play with a priceless Egyptian statuary of the King Osorkon II. Rotate, zoom in and control the object to discover the written details. This realistic rendering was only made possible with the use of the 3D . Try on site! [...]

Present on Big Screens

The futuristic Hollywood movies are becoming a reality. During events, in schools, shopping centers, museums, stores or companies, interactive screens are spreading out. However displayed content is often disappointing. It isn't more detailed or more interactive than on a conventional screen. Some latencies might appear as well. How to best communicate on these screens? [...]

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