5 Innovative Digital Experiences to Make a Museum Visit Come Alive

Digital tools are no longer just for big cultural institutions that are able to spend lots of time and money developing them. They’re ready for use by all kinds of structures and project managers, giving them the ability to quickly imagine and create new interactions between the visitor and the work. Let’s take a [...]

Interactions, digitalisation, audioguide ... L'interview vidéo de Anne-Marie Van Dongen

Anne-Marie Van Dongen nous a reçu à la Cité de le Mode et du Design pour nous parler de sa création, Peter Knapp. Cette application a vu le jour pour l'exposition Peter Knapp, Dancing in the Street. Retour sur son parcours, ses projets et sur la digitalisation des musées : [...]

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City of Tonnerre has its own interactive touristic guide

A touristic innovative project , here is what Tonnerre au Coeur is. This app is a true interactive touristic guide. Quirky and historic places, GPS sensor, pop-up, music... discover the app's backstages, made in Tonnerre of course! An educational and participating project   Tonnerre au Coeur is the result [...]

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Peter Knapp: image recognition to enrich cultural experience

Discover the work and life of Peter Knapp with an app mixing image recognition and interactive content. Specially created for La Cité de La Mode et du Design exhibition in Paris, this app will tell you everything about this iconic artist: photographer, painter, graphic designer, art director, movie director, award-winning for best art book… [...]

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”Da a tarra à u piattu”, the educational app of the Corsican agriculture

Initiated by the Chamber of Agriculture of Southern Corsica and financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, “Da a tarra à u piattu” is an educational app about the theme of Corsican agriculture. It explains different professions, seasonality fruits, typical local products … From the sheep to the clementine, passing by the Corsican chestnut, [...]

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3D Interactions With Ancient Statuary at the Louvre Museum

An interactive table was installed in the Louvre Museum for the visitors to play with a priceless Egyptian statuary of the King Osorkon II. Rotate, zoom in and control the object to discover the written details. This realistic rendering was only made possible with the use of the 3D . Try on site! [...]

PROTOTYPES // Graphic Arts Projects from EPSAA Students

Chance meetings can develop into beautiful projects. That’s what happened with the EPSAA school. Following an introduction organized by the Parisian mayor’s office (thanks to Hélène Rambert and Jérôme Pernoud, director of the EPSAA!) and our earlier partnerships with schools (Les Gobelins, LISAA, ECV…), we were happy to discover a new institution full of [...]

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Beaubourg 3D Printing Art as Seen by Students From Jacques Prévert High School

A partnership between the Graphic Design section of Jacques Prévert High School (Boulogne Billancourt) and the Centre Georges Pompidou let students create interactive experiences centered on works displayed in the expo “Imprimer le monde”. Le Centre Pompidou is investigating aspects of 3D printing in a small collective expo presented in its Gallery 4. Once machines can fabricate objects [...]

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Extending an Exhibition "Outside the Walls", the Interview of Antoine Saillant

Antoine Saillant is a project manager at the Point de Vues agency. With the recent release of his application "Paysages d'hier et d'aujourd'hui", he talks about his first experience of cross support creation (smartphone and tablet) and shares his secrets to transform the contents of an exhibition into a good interactive communication media. [...]

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