Engie Mag IT


As part of the redesign of Mag IT, the teams of the DDSI wanted to centralize internal information and facilitate access to different sources, be it magazine, radio or video. The challenge was to develop within a simple and customizable interface, a kind of news feed, accessible to all employees on mobile and computer, also in offline mode.

Updates are very regular, they had to be done through a simple administration interface and accessible to all content producers in-house.


In connection with the consulting firm Weave and the Virtuoz agency, the Engie teams developed in early 2018 a new application available in a web and mobile format (iOS / Android) in on / offline mode. The application is mainly composed of a news feed including 4 types of content: short news, podcasts, videos and articles. Filters allow the user to choose the type of media (short / news / videos / podcasts) and a theme (innovation, business ...). Each type of media is processed according to a template and longer articles are displayed on a separate page in the news feed.

In keeping with their need for autonomy and responsiveness, updates are now done from a database independent of the creative studio (see our article on dynamic data management). This allows to automatically feed the application with the latest news and to display according to a defined template. Push notifications help to inform users about the latest news.


The new Mag IT was officially launched in April 2018 for all Engie Group employees. The deployment took place in several stages: first, a redesign of the content architecture and the ergonomics of the application, followed a few weeks ago with the integration of the new dynamic content management platform. Access is only through an authentication formula.

The teams are delighted with this great success!