The futuristic Hollywood movies are becoming a reality. During events, in schools, shopping centers, museums, stores or companies, interactive screens are spreading out. However displayed content is often disappointing. It isn’t more detailed or more interactive than on a conventional screen. Some latencies might appear as well.

How to best communicate on these screens?

Create for Big Screens

Larger screens can display simultaneously a lot of data and provide freedom of navigation. They revolutionize the way we create presentations and break the linear approach of tools such as Powerpoint.

With PandaSuite, you can quickly and easily design your interactive content specially tailored for multi-touch screens. Build your own navigation and explore the greatest freedom of creation. Nothing to worry about. Every media is automatically optimized for the best consultation on the biggest screens.

Which Version?

Interactive screens are usually associated to a Windows or Android environment. If you have any doubt, use the HTML version as it is the best alternative to cover the maximum uses.

With PandaSuite, the HTML version keeps all interactions of a touch screen. And if you choose a €299 export, your content is locally hosted for you to access it without any internet connection. Do you want to change something? Simply re-export the latest version of the project and update it on the screen!

Educational support, latest innovation showcase, interactive map, catalog product, animated presentation… time to conquer the world using the HTML version!!

Incubator presentation displayed during an event