Practical guide to avoid writer's block (on PandaSuite)

Practical guide to avoid writer's block (on PandaSuite)

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No, the fear of the blank page is not only for writers. Many projects on PandaSuite were blocked for a time because of a lack of inspiration, no precise goal, no target, no central theme, overheated brain... Don't worry we are not letting you alone! Here is a practical guide to fight the fear of the blank page.

1. Define the setting

First think about well-define your project. Having a central theme will prevent you from being all over the place. Your content will be more coherent. Focus your intention on these firsts steps before starting:


Is this an app for an event, for onboarding new employees, an educational app, an interactive story... this step seems to be logical but this will help you keep your main theme in mind.


Who is your audience? This will provide an orientation to your project. For instance, if your app is for children, your design will be drawings or animations, you will use simple vocabulary and you will adopt an easy-to-use navigation. If your app is for a corporate presentation, your words will be more specific, with more direct tone...


They are defined from context and targets. Inform? Win users' loyalty? Support? Guide? Entertain? Introduce... Goals will help you choose your direction. If it's possible to define measurable goals, do it: number of downloads, rating, percent of positive commentaries, click rate, number of purchases... This kind of goal allows you to be reactive and take some correcting measures.


It's a consequence of the context, the target and the goal. Adopt a familiar tone or polite, professional, childish... It depends on your previous settings.


That's what your app has to convey. The message summarizes your app in one sentence. Your work will gravitate around this idea. For exemple, if your project is an educational app about Corsican agriculture, the message could be: "raise awareness among the youngest about Corsican agriculture issue". It summarizes your context.

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2. Brainstorming

Once the context is well-defined, let your ideas go out! Use a big sheet of paper, write two or three keywords and write anything you want about these words. For instance, for the Corsican agriculture app keywords could be "agriculture" and "children" and the ideas: earth, brown, educational, games, draw, animation, farm, animals, organic products, green, nature... Design and pictures will emerge from these ideas.

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3. Prepare your design and your content

This is better to prepare your design, colors and content before starting your app in order to save time. Think about content before style. If you think about style before content, you will have more difficulties to fill your screens. It would be easier to adapt your style to your content.

4. Get inspiration

Don't hesitate to check what happens next door. Download and use apps on the same theme as yours, note some ideas, read guides and tutorials... Learn about your subject. Check the best apps and their practices. The aim is not to copy or imitate but to be inspired by others work.

5. The storyboard

It's a creative work you are doing. You will need to imagine to create. A large vision of your project is welcomed. Take a pen, sheets of paper and draw! Imagine different kinds of button, text area, animations, pictures... Organise your ideas visually. A sort of mock-up. Get out ideas will be easier on a sheet than on a computer as a first step.

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6. Leave your work and don't think about it, have breaks

If in spite of these recommandations you are still blocked, take a step backGet some fresh air, think about anything else. Ideas will come unexpectedly. Let your brain breath it has already worked enough. It will be grateful.

7. Enjoy working

And last but not least, let you imagination speak! Try to enjoy and mix work and pleasure. Creation has not to be a chore but a way to show your talent and to express yourself. Keep in mind your common thread of course and don't do tings all over the place. Enjoy as far as possible.

The essential

This guide is not a magical recipe for every project. It's a list of advices to adjust according to your project and your needs. After several creations you will have your own process (maybe totally different as ours) and you will become quickly an expert. This issue of blank page is soon behind you. Joy is essential!

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