A museum, an exhibition and a Panda

A museum, an exhibition and a Panda

April 18th, 2018|Tags: , , |
  • A museum, an exhibition and a Panda

It seems like I can accomplish almost anything I want with PandaSuite

As part of the exhibition "You Are Here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences", Emily Kotecki, manager of interpretation for the North Carolina Museum of Art, used PandaSuite to add a digital visual medium. Between light, sound and color effects, visitors discover a true immersive world.


This was our first time using this tool and highly recommend it to other institutions looking to engage visitors with digital content on mobile devices.

Emily Kotecki


We are very happy to have her pleasant feedback. Emily Kotecki notices that visitors are more engaged with mobile devices and digitalised content. With this in mind PandaSuite brought what she was looking for.


PandaSuite is a flexible and powerful tool.[...]I look forward to exploring other features in the future.

Emily Kotecki

An interactive information point, a cultural mediation app, immersive visit... Museums more and more develop digital mediums to still more improve visit experience. The Louvre (3D Interactions With Ancient Statuary at the Louvre Museum), Cité of Mode and Design (Peter Knapp: image recognition to enrich cultural experience) and now the North Carolina Museum of Art. All this museums have created beautiful projects with our tool. What is sure is that PandaSUite is not done with the cultural world... Watch this space!


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Jérémy - Happy Community Assistant & Soccer Fan ⚽ I'm helping people turning ideas into engaging interactive content. PandaSuite makes it easy for you to create interactive content without any coding (mobile/tablet/desktop).