PandaSuite goes back to school

PandaSuite goes back to school

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  • PandaSuite retourne à l'école

8:00 AM. The bell rings and Panda is on time at school! Back on the bench with projects created in high school or during studies... College students created an app to discover their city, students investigate in their app, try image recognition with brilliant ideas or secondary-school pupils introduce their school and their neighbourhood...

Le Cube investigates

Le Cube is a digital creation center. A class of a graphic BTS played at Sherlock Holmes by creating an app. They invented 10 apps on the topic of investigation "Who is guilty?". Students let their imagination and their creator talent speak. The result? Captivating apps and complex investigations. Here are some example of what they did:

A missing girl investigation.

Le Cube 2

A crime has been commited! Look for the clues.

Le Cube 3

Interrogate suspects and and witnesses at Retropolis.

ESTEN Sup'Edition tries image recognition

Other class other goals. This time the subject was image recognition (last-born component in the studio). ESTEN Sup'Edition students (a publishing and digital communication school) imagined concepts and prototypes that will use Recognizer at its best. Students created apps and thought about new way to use the component. They did their amazing project in 6 hours! Cultural, educational, touristic, culinary, game apps... People should draw their inspiration from these wonderful and innovative projects.


Discover Paris... by bus!

L'Esten 2

Find the best restaurants near your home.

esten 3

Are your bored? What Can I Do finds activities for you.

Year 7 pupils introduce their school and their neighbourhood

Les Hauts Grillets, histoire d'un collège dans son quartier" was created by year 7 pupils. Every content were made by the pupils and assembled by their teacher Anne-Sophie Catalan. You could find in the app records of ex-pupils, local archives, architectural plans, satellite pictures, old maps... These ressources show school's and neighbourhood's changes through the years. This project matter to us and we are proud to see it available on the school's website.


Visit the school


Discover the neighbourhood


Illustration made by the pupils

Discover the city of Tonnerre with college students

Tonnerre au Coeur is the result of a great teamwork between high school students, city's communication department, inhabitants and Françoise Parraud, artistic director. The app is a true pocket interactive guide. Meet inhabitants and discover the secret of the city with this app available on stores (Apple and Google). Read the article on Tonnerre au Coeur to go further. This interactive guide is a wonderful example of what students and inhabitants can do together with PandaSuite.


Home screen


Find anecdotes, pictures, scrolling areas...


The interactive map

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