Pandacraft, the creative app for kids is out on Android!

Pandacraft, the creative app for kids is out on Android!

January 6th, 2016|Tags: , |
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This could be confusing as it seems to be the promotion of a new PandaSuite service! Not at all! 🙂
The Pandacraft guys are the cousins we appreciate very much. They had two great ideas: create a monthly box containing highly creative activities for kids and their parents, and contact us one day to work together!

Let's go for Android

Two months after releasing the iOS version, the Android application is out. It includes interactive activities to get a complementary approach on the monthly but also great material

We're really proud to be part of this great adventure and also happy that it's officially the second Android application made with PandaSuite (after Les Rencontres Photographiques de Paris 10 a few weeks ago).

They combine in a clever way the creation of interactive content adapted to tablet experience (their monthly activities) and the use of the website content using the HTML component. Can't wait to see what's these guys will be doing month after month.

Congrats Panda friends! 🙂

Download this application for free in Google Play or the App Store (in French)

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