Why You'll Love 2018

Why You'll Love 2018

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It’s been too long, we’ve missed you…

It’s true, we admit it - we haven’t sent you many updates lately, but we decided to get away from the dictatorship of a schedule. Sure, a schedule is at the base of best practices for communicating, but hey! We’re convinced that a bit of spontaneity will be good for everyone. And sending out wishes for the new year in February is at least original, no? 🙂

A year ago, we published an article called Hello 2017 in which we shared our upcoming roadmap. Today, we realize that time kept flying by, and we wanted to take this moment to look back at our adventures together.

Because sure, 2017 was the year of Trump’s arrival, and Johnny’s departure, but it was also...all this!


That’s how much the number of PandaSuite users increased in 2017. There’s all sorts of people included there - agencies, corporations, freelancers, students, cultural institutes… And since December, 71% of our new users are coming from overseas, with India, Indonesia and Malaysia leading the pack.

They’re working on projects for dynamic presentations, event apps, interactive novels, mobile catalogs, prototypes and more.

We want to say thank you to Engie, Société Générale, TF1, Le Louvre, Generali, BNP Paribas and others who have trusted us over the past year. Thanks to all the agencies who learn how to use PandaSuite and then recommend our tools to their clients. Thanks to the students who are coming up with crazy, genius ideas!

Really, thank you all!

That definitely includes the kids. Thanks to the TV program “Connectons nos écoles”, 5 classes of students from 8-11 years old created their own app, Le Labo des Applis. We were so proud to see them showing just how easy it was to use our tool with the guidance of the incredible Cube teams! Our hearts swelled listening to their cries of “Merci PandaSuiiiiiite!” on the day the app officially launched!

labo des applis

And we’re happy to say that’s not the only project going on in elementary, middle and high schools the world over.

Rootstatestack Mode

Rootstatestack is the tech that makes it possible to control objects’ behavior within a certain state. Generally, it’s something that we never talk to you about, and with good reason, but it’s also what takes up lots of our daily work! Because really, a good part of our work always stays invisible.

We’re moving forward with technical developments and new features are coming out regularly. You might have noticed the arrival of the In-App featurethe Download feature, Image Recognition, Kiosk, the Desktop app?

Though it’s one of the least “sellable” subjects (despite being essential to the PandaSuite platform), we also restructured our architecture to be more flexible and dynamic, letting us support our growing user base without any worries about overloading the system.

Another big step happened when we made the tool available in an environment that is totally independent from our own servers. This offer, especially aimed at big corporations, was immediately grabbed by Société Générale and implemented with their very nice technical teams.

At the same time, we helped in the production of numerous client projects, always guided by our obsession for a CLEAN and EASY experience.

Making the rounds at events

We were everywhere!

Between setting up and taking down the stand, speaking, handing out flyers...you should have seen us with our “Adopt a Panda” t-shirts, sailing around the hottest events 😉

Besides our annual dates with Crossmedia Publishing and Futur en Seine, we made the rounds at the biggest startup carnival: VIVA TECHNOLOGY! It was here that we signed some great contracts and met Dartagnan, an incredible team with an email tool that’s absolutely terrific!


With some of our new friends

At the Frankfurt Book Fair (the most important event of the year for publishers), we were representing France alongside other kind and talented startups (Les Editions VolumiquesWakatoonL’Apprimerie…) and got to talk with museums who were super interested in what we could bring to cultural visits (Beacon…).


Always involved in making events awesome

Back in France, in Cannes, we weren’t able to walk the red carpet with Tarantino (6 months too early, or maybe too late?), but we did meet lots of marketing reps from big corporations, participating first in a roundtable and then later on a dancefloor that can best be described as...vigorous.

Growing our community

Tired of hauling our signs on and off trains and airplanes, always having to do what others told us, we decided to create our own event. One that matches who we are, one that talks about subjects we’re interested in, and one full of people we love (even if we love everybody :-)).

PandaSuite’s power isn’t so much in the list of its features but in its ability to permit everyone to play a role in change. It’s that spirit of democratization that we wanted to put on stage during the first edition of HELLO DEMAIN (HELLO TOMORROW). In front of a crowd of 100+, Cédric, Anne-Marie, Emilie and Anthony explained how they produce the content of tomorrow in their companies, agencies, museums and cross-media projects. (And if you weren’t able to be there, it’s worth checking out the video - in French).


And after the success of the first one, we’ve already scheduled the second for this June!

What made us happiest with this event was that we got to watch our community in the process of creating itself, contacts being made...even if we were at the center of the first one, our ultimate goal is to be able to step back and leave the stage entirely to our community!

What else… In 2017 we talked with you 8,473 times through our instant messenger! That’s a lot of emojis, contacts and inspiration! After analyzing these conversations, we know that you send a lot of messages on Tuesday mornings, so right in the middle of the workweek is exactly when everyone has questions about PandaSuite. And if you prefer sending a message on Saturday at 3:00am (you have that right!), the response time will be similar to that of a plane that just flew into the Bermuda Triangle...In the end, probably best to head out to the club or take a nap!

We also got to speak with you live during our discovery workshopsboth in our offices and over video. We can even organize these specifically for your teams, like we did at Weave. And if that seems a bit basic for you, Benjamin is waiting with an intermediate workshop on responsive, GPS, or the HTML composer.


With our head always among the stars but our feet firmly on the ground, we’re kicking off 2018 with the thrill of seeing the ICI TOUT VA BIEN project recognized at the Festival International de la BD in Angoulême. Way to go, Sophie Taboni and Nicolas Catherin, on that magnificent travel diary.


Our spirits are bursting with new ideas, but the objectives are still clear.

Help you take the first steps

In startup jargon, it’s what we call onboarding.

In reality, it’s just the first few minutes that demonstrate whether or not the product deserves your attention. We’re aware that you’re still missing some things to make you feel totally comfortable in taking those first steps with PandaSuite, and it’s going to be one of our big projects for 2018. And we’ll be asking for your help!

In the meantime though, we’ve published lots of new video tutorials on our new YouTube channel, since we know you enjoy that format. Any feedback for us?

A fresh personal space

Along the same lines as the above, we’re working on a new version of your personal space. It’ll be simpler, richer, and include numerous new features like multi-project, automatic typography inclusion, personalizing your publication URL and… (What? We can keep a few secrets to ourselves, no?)

Let’s finish up with another round of thanks

We said it above, but how could we close this note without speaking about you? You who took the time out of your busy day to read our message that is very, very long. You who put your trust in a band of sweet, dreamy geeks who want to democratize access to technology, “Benefactors of interactive humanity”, as our dear friend Jean-Jacques would say 😉

We’re a small team, sure. But that’s just on paper. Our team is really made up of all the driven, hard-working creatives that form the PandaSuite community, in France and around the globe. You really are part of the team.

We just have one thing to ask. If you love PandaSuite, if you think it brings even a little bit of value to your life, could you take the time to talk about it with people? Even just to the one person you think would be most interested, if you like. Instead of spending money on Adwords or Facebook Ads, we want our strategy to be based on the human side of things, on you. Plus to thank you, if your friend decides to grab an annual subscription, we’re happy to offer you a month free as a sign of our gratitude!

And don’t forget to follow us on the social networks (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn...)! It’s a little “like” for you, but it’s a huge “hug” for us!

Our best wishes to you and yours in 2018!

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