The Interview of May

The Interview of May

May 25th, 2016|Tags: |
  • jules couderc

Your job in one sentence?

I am 2nd year student of Lisaa Master Digital Art Director (Motion & web design) and I am currently doing an internship at Grenade & Sparks as Junior Art Director.

Your source of inspiration?

I'm mostly looking for inspiration on Behance for everything about lettring and illustration, I'm following Motion 2D & 3D Designers on Vimeo as Hugo Moreno and Berd. These two artists with completely different styles are a great source of inspiration.

Your favorite app?

I cannot say I have a favorite app since I use them very little. And my iPhone broke recently... Haha!

Flat or skeuomorphism ?

Flat without any hesitation!

But why the hell Panda?

A client contacted us and asked us to create a presentation for a future shopping center. A support that salespeople will be able to use to speak about the project. So we tried to make an interactive presentation that could impress customers. Knowing that my class mates had used PandaSuite for their final-year project and they had a pretty good feedback from the jury, I thought it would be cool to use for a professional project. It really did work well and several people from the agency began to use Panda.

Your favorite feature?

Synchronization! I find it really nice to synchronize multiple objects together, the scroll and video for example. This is a really cool tool to use which saves a lot of time and that can create this Wahouuu effect!

Some tips to share?

I don't have any trick to share, because I don't really have any Haha ... But I can say that the Shift key is really helping me a lot to move objects, make a typo or the size of an object bigger. Shortcuts that save time, that's pretty cool !

A good plan (music, film ...) you would like to speak about?

A small really nice tapas bar that's located downstairs from my place. Le petit Pan, rue Rosenwald in the 15th district of Paris. Servers are nice and food is really good! Ambiance is good during rugby game nights.

Your top video / gif of the moment?

The advertising campaign for Vibe, created by the Greek designer Tony Zagoraios. That's typically the kind of video I love, a mix of 2D and 3D motion design, a lot of his projects are truly inspiring and it's typically the type of project I would like to work for!

And if you had a last word to say?

I'm really happy to have discovered this tool that makes the interactive digital word simple, fun and creative. I really recommend trying this tool to those who haven't done it yet. Thank you Aude for this interview, and for your help on the various projects we have done so far. Also a big thank you for the technical and creative team behind this project that's constantly creating new features. Thanks again! I hope I'll continue working with you.

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