Introducing New Dashboard

Introducing New Dashboard

October 23rd, 2019|Tags: , , , |
  • Introducing New Dashboard

Today we're introducing new dashboard interface and features to make it easier for you to manage projects and apps within PandaSuite. It is a bouquet of new features of which we are particularly proud, the result of a long work. We hope you will enjoy the result. 😁

During the past months we have been through every step of your user journey to understand how to make it confortable and smooth. We have exposed features that were quietly hidden for a long time. We have imagined new features to make you the owner of innovative apps. This is probably the announcement we are the most proud of. We hope you will like it.

Major updates, the biggest ones

Intuitive, powerful interface to better manage your projects

Every day you spend a lot of time on your dashboard - it's an interface that should never be boring or lazy. Discover new features hidden in every section and enjoy.

new interface

An awesome new desktop application for the studio

Your favourite studio is now living an independent life in a separate window. Download the MacOS/Windows/Linux app from your dashboard and get the icon directly from your desktop.

New iOS and Android deployment methods

Ad-hoc distribution, in-house deployment, app stores... there are many ways to distribute your iOS & Android apps. It's time to find yours!

new distribution ios and android

Quicker and easier binary file generation (even iOS!)

The process of generating your native files (IPA, APK, EXE, DMG, ZIP) has been totally simplified and automated: and now our technical team is taking a well-deserved break 😉

binary generation

Web features: 1-click hosting, custom domain & more

Publish your web app in one click and customize your URL with your domain name, or host on your own servers by exporting your web files.

This is also new. And cool.

🧰 Manage content and access with channels. Add one or many projects, and then send links to give access to users.

🔗 Powerful sharing links - Make it web-only, add an analytics tag or make it friendly for social media.

📱 Layout management - Create device-specific layouts for your project. You can add a tab bar menu for mobile consultation for example.

🐼 PandaSuite Viewer for iOS and Android - Always get the latest version of your viewer app from this link:

💸 Deferred payment - Panda accepts other payment methods than credit card, like bank transfer and check!

☁️ Hosting configuration - Choose between enjoying great PandaSuite hosting advantages (simple, accessible, flexible) or get the sources of your binary files.

🎟️ Pay only once - New pricing model, you can choose between one-time payment or monthly/yearly subscription to enjoy our cloud-based features. Check out our new pricing.

About the Author:

Aude - Happy Ambassador & Phone Breaker 📵 I'm helping people turning ideas into engaging interactive content. PandaSuite makes it easy for you to create interactive content without any coding (mobile/tablet/desktop).