Discover the new components of PandaSuite Studio: Authentication, After Effects and GPS. Without a line of code, powerful and flexible,  integrate them easily into your applications and access to new functionalities. They are directly accessible from the list of Components.


Introducing Authentication, After Effects and GPS

Add an authentication form when launching your application. The Authentication component allows users to log in to your application using an email address and password. Using Firebase, you can also manage events related to the user’s profile, such as saving a progress.

After Effects Animation

Introducing Authentication, After Effects and GPS

Enrich your interfaces with beautiful, fluid and interactive animations thanks to the After Effects component. Insert your animations in .json format, customize the rendering and create interactions with the other components of PandaSuite (scrolling zone, motion sensor…)!

Insert beautiful open source animations from the Lottie library or export your animations from After Effects in .json thanks to the Bodymovin plug-in.

GPS & Geofencing

Introducing Authentication, After Effects and GPS

Trigger events based on GPS coordinates when the user enters or exits the area. This feature is completely offline: users don’t need an Internet connection during their journey. Create treasure hunts and geo-tagged routes without any lines of code.