Extending an Exhibition "Outside the Walls", the Interview of Antoine Saillant

Extending an Exhibition "Outside the Walls", the Interview of Antoine Saillant

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Antoine Saillant is a project manager at the Point de Vues agency. With the recent release of his application "Paysages d'hier et d'aujourd'hui", he talks about his first experience of cross support creation (smartphone and tablet) and shares his secrets to transform the contents of an exhibition into a good interactive communication media.

Present us the application "Paysages d'hier et d'aujourd'hui" in one single sentence …

This application, commissioned by the Departmental Archives of Seine-Maritime on the occasion of the exhibition « Paysages d’hier et d’aujourd’hui », presents the evolution or permanence of the Norman landscape by confronting old images coming from their floor and contemporary photographs.

Museums (the cultural sector) are sometimes cold about applications ... How did you get the idea of this application? What were the main obstacles to overcome?

The idea of applications has gradually emerged. We already realized many multimedia devices during exhibitions. Published on blinds the work already done, quickly became an obvious and a good communication support for our customers.

The application Paysages d’hier et d’aujourd’hui is an extension "outside the walls" of the exhibition and designed to live independently. The main difficulty was mainly to recover a corpus of images on the whole territory of the Seine-Maritime.

The exhibition "Paysages d'hier et d'aujourd'hui"

How long have you worked on this application? What took you the most time?

I would say it took me 3 weeks to finalize the application. But what took me the most time was to integrate an interactive map. My first wish was to integrate an embedded card in the application that does not require a network connection (constraint of the exhibition place). But the various performance tests made me give up. It was necessary to start the work again by integrating the service proposed by Mapbox.

This application is available in two versions: tablet and Smartphone. How did you work with each of these versions?

I first designed the application for tablet devices, because this one had to be presented on an iPad in the exhibition space. Once validated, I duplicated the project and adapted the design for Smartphone screens by changing the playback orientation and navigation interface.

What advice(s) can you give to the creators of a similar application?

If I had to restart this project, I will work primarily on the Smartphone version. A constrained size of the screens often provides a better answer as to the ergonomics of the application.

A constrained size of the screens often provides a better answer as to the ergonomics of the application.

Can you tell us more about your job?

Our agency has many strings to its bow. We are at the same time a publishing house print, an scenography and communication agency. This allows us to offer a comprehensive and coherent service ranging from the publication of the catalog to the design of the exhibition and its communication.

Have you made any other applications before?

I have already published with PandaSuite tool, Crimes et Châtiments, but only for tablet.

Do you have other projects in mind?

Several projects are underway or in deliberation. One on the golden age of the Norman abbeys and maybe a cookbook.

Download the free application « Paysages d’hier et d’aujourd’hui »:


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