Do you want to create more engaging content? Interactive content is THE solution adopted by an increasing number of marketers to improve conversion rate and reinforce audience engagement. Easy to create, deployable on all your channels (website, blog, apps…) and incredibly efficient, interactive content enriches your digital marketing channels and offers a new field of possibilities.

What is interactive content?

It’s simply asking your audience to do something. The user has to click, scroll, zoom… to access the information. Why will the user click? Because this enriched, visual and playful format “titillates” his curiosity.

Is this format new? Not really! What is really new is how easy it is to create and deploy on digital media.

It perfectly meets the current needs of the marketing & sales departments, such as:

  • Capture attention in a world saturated with information
  • Make your brand and products more fun and understandable
  • Differentiate from the competition and emerge in a world dominated by image and user experience
  • Accelerate digital transformation and adapt to new content consumption

This is a real alternative as there is a growing frustration toward more static supports such as Powerpoint.

Sales presentation, technical guide, product catalogue, welcome guide… it’s up to you to find the right project to start!

Examples of interactive content

Here are a few different types of interactive content (this list is not exhaustive):

Interactive infographic

There is no need to tell you all the benefits of infographics to visually represent large amount of data and boost your corporate presentations. It has conquered your small hearts of marketers many years ago. Instead of a static infographics, create an interactive infographics including animated charts, buttons, illustrations that come to life… with the scroll or click of your users.

Product simulator / Catalogue

Are your product pages only informative? Give your prospects the opportunity to virtually manipulate your products and understand the benefits for themselves. Create points of interest, add 360° views, sliders to rotate the object…

Interactive Content for Your Digital Marketing

Interactive module to help make a decision

It’s often difficult to find the right information from the website. Visitors might feel a bit lost when faced with too many options and offers.

Personalize the experience and simplify things for them using an interactive decision-making module: “You’re between 18-25 years old? Are you still a student? Are you looking for the best loan solution? Discover our Youth+ package”

User responds to a series of questions to get a personalized response.

Dynamic organizational chart

Are you working in corporate communication? Dynamize the presentation of your executives with an interactive organization chart. Click on the picture and make its description appear.

diaporama comexposium

Interactive kiosk

Do you have a showroom for your customers? Or do you participate in many events and it is complicated to move all your products to each occasion? Add to your exhibition space an interactive kiosk (a simple tablet) providing multimedia content, simulations, etc… everything that allows your visitors to better understand your products and their benefits.

Reinforce the link between physical and digital space thanks to Beacon proximity sensors and image recognition.

Games (Drag & Drop,…)

Explore the world of games to engage your audience. Drag & drop, memory tests, quizzes, puzzles… They’re all great ways to get your message across!

drag & drop

Create interactive content

You don’t need a developer to create interactive content. All these formats are easily created and managed by a graphic designer or a creative person. Import any kind of content (images, texts, videos etc …), create your screens, user actions and animations without any technical knowledge!

Identify your objectives and key information. This is the only way you will make identify what requires an interactive treatment … or not !

Beyond being playful, the interactive content reinterprets our way of presenting things and invites us into a real storytelling. It also requires a mastery of digital codes. Please note that our community of graphic designers is here to help you and, if you need, to create custom interactive content for you!

You need to find the right balance: don’t transform all your content into interactive content! Users will be exhausted and loose attention. It is also a question of adding the right amount of effects that don’t add ruin your message!

Interactive Content for Your Digital Marketing

Build apps and interactive experiences without any coding.

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Interactive Content for Your Digital Marketing

Build apps and interactive experiences without any coding.

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Publish interactive content

These interactive contents can be included in a presentation, in a website, on a blog, in an application, on your social networks…

Made with the PandaSuite tool, your content is available in different formats (web, iOS, Android) and therefore compatible with all your digital channels (website, mobile, tablet…).

How much does it cost

Yes, creating interactive content requires more time and money than producing static content. But it is profitable in the long term!

Follow the consultation and the ROI of your actions (time spent, number of clicks, user path…) by connecting your favourite analytics tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel…).

Use this data to better understand your users. 70% answered “1st purchase” to their real estate situation? I will therefore develop my offers for first-time buyers.

This content is also easily reusable. Create your templates and train your marketing teams to reuse them for other occasions.

Ready to get started? First step is identifying the most appropriate subject. Create your free account on and get in touch: our team is here to help you take the first steps and, if needed, to create your first interactive content for you!