How to Revolutionize the Press Release

How to Revolutionize the Press Release

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If you write a great press release, media coverage will come. Sorry but that's not enough. Most journalists get hundreds of emails every day. They will spend just a few seconds deciding whether something looks interesting. If you don't immediately grab their attention, they'll move on to the next thing in their inbox.

Provide them with something different and create a long-term relationship.

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Tell A Story

What is a press release? It's a nice story made of emotions and surprises to stimulate the desire to share it.

Apply the storytelling techniques to describe your story. Get inspiration from narrative schemes to bring journalists onboard. However keep it simple and authentic in order to make your story impactful.

Is your content interesting? Read it. If you find it boring, be sure journalists will have the same opinion. Step back and be honest with your work 🙂

Don't hesitate to bring interactivity to give life to your ideas. This is the best way for journalists to go their own way in your content and get the infos they want.

Be Careful to Devices

Before sending your press release, ask yourself the question of the screens. On which device (desktop, smartphone or tablet) journalists will view your content? No idea.

Make sure your content is optimized for different screen sizes and make some tests before sending your release.

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Make It Easy

Journalists are busy people. The easier you make their lives, the more likely they are to use your press release as the basis of a story because it will be quicker for them and they can then move onto something else.

  • Make it short so that they directly understand what you're talking about.
  • Insert pictures and videos. Press releases that contain multiple images or video are more likely to be published, read, viewed and shared on social media.
  • Provide additional documentation if they want to write a more in-depth analysis.
  • Insert direct links to download images, videos, PDF files...
  • Enable social sharing (Twitter, Facebook..) for each piece of content.


A good press release will generate better press coverage and strengthen your relationships with journalists.

With PandaSuite, you can create a unique press release. Insert your content (text, image, video, audio ...) and use interactive components to create amazing effects. Send access links to journalists and offer content tailored for multi-device consultation.

Track link consultation to know who has downloaded your statement, where everyone stopped and the mostly displayed animation. This is how you will optimize your content and create the most effective press release.

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