How to Make Your App Load Faster (or Feel Like It Is)

How to Make Your App Load Faster (or Feel Like It Is)

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The success of an app lies in the details. And what really will make the difference is the loading times as your users hate waiting!

Even with the best technology, there are loading times inherent to your application! You may not have noticed it but your dear social networks regularly deceive you with little tricks. It's up to you to do the same for your app!

Loading times

The download of your app is very fast because only the shell is installed. It is at the first opening that its data is downloaded entirely from our server on the device of your user. No more connection: all your content is accessible offline!

The download time is proportional to the overall weight of the application. A loading bar tells your users how to proceed.


For the user experience to be fluid and native, the screens load as they go. This is what makes white flashes appear when you switch from screens to screens.

To create transition effects (fading, ..), use the states. Or use the foreground that works like the states and that allows to cover a change of screen.

All the states of a screen are loaded at the same time. Be careful, therefore, of the contents of your reports because too heavy states may cause loading latencies. If you notice this problem with previewing, place your content rather on different screens or use the Gallery component.

Some UI Tips

Give your users other tasks to focus on

Instagram, for example, prompts the user to choose a title and a tag while the image is loading in the background. By the time he chooses these elements, bam! the photo is loaded and the user has the impression that it has been uploaded instantly!


Loading an Instagram image

Display temporary content

Facebook displays gray lines to reassure us on the loading of our page and create a smooth transition with our content. This is a good way to bring up a list of articles, results ...


Facebook Trick

Add animations

Little fun effects will occupy the mind of your users. Play with your menu to hide the background or simply add small animations that will invest a few precious seconds.

CSS Animation Menu, Virgil Pana, Dribbble

Do not forget: your users are in a hurry! Take time to test your app, identify load times and discover tiny tricks in your favorite apps!

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