Is There Plenty More Fish in The Sea?

Retaining an employee is better than acquiring a new one (as for customers). The cost of employee recruitment is very expensive for an organization and that’s why onboarding is even more important. However the welcome process is often reduced to sending hundreds of slides to the newcomer the first day of his arrival…

The First Impression Counts

What’s better than an app to show that your company is digital-ready? Instead of sending 20 MB PowerPoint presentations and offering USB sticks including 10 years of corporate documentations,  let’s propose a smartphone app that can be easily transmitted to the newcomers.

Digital practices are spreading within the company and employees are increasingly equipped with smartphones and tablets. In this context, an application becomes more and more meaningful.

Until now developing an application remained highly costly but PandaSuite is now changing things ;-). Possibilities are infinite but having direct access to the directory or to a geolocated map will undoubtedly have huge positive effect on the newcomer as at the same time it will give a modern image of the company.

An App? Yes but How ?

Who says application does not necessarily mean app store! Of course, the application must be accessible, but it shouldn’t be available to anybody. That’s why PandaHub stands for, a private kioskfor downloading internal applications.

Jean-Claude replaced Michelle at the head of the department? No problem, all updates made from the PandaSuite  studio are instantly sent to people who have already downloaded the application. Then send a push notification to inform about the update and nobody will miss it!

A Quiz is Better Than a Long Speech

A cross-business matrix organization in order to foster synergies, obviously … Well, some internal organizations seem quite complex at first glance. What better than a playful organizational chart  to make it more clear?

With PandaSuite you can create an interactive quiz as fast as a PowerPoint presentation and you will make the newcomers “play” with your organization If the quiz is too academic, let’go for a mini game, it also works. Everything you can do to combine business with pleasure 🙂

This is what EDF did with its application inspired by the famous Duel Quizz game. And the result? A strong integration of employees through the social aspect of the “duel” and reinforcement of the corporate culture through the content of quizzes. Something tells me that they are only the first ones …

duel quizz edf

Mobile Quiz for the new EDF employees

Great onboarding also means rapidly autonomous and operational employees, and the current digital transformation makes companies more eager to invest in innovative and agile solutions. More than integrating new employees, it also applies to all internal communication, recruitment or training… mobile HR applications are booming!