Hello 2017

Hello 2017

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Well, we’re already into February. 2017 has started fast, keeping up the mad pace of 2016. Before getting into the wandering road of development, let’s take a moment to have a quick recap of what’s been going on.

After 2015 and the beta launch, 2016 was the year that PandaSuite began its commercialization process. It was an important year - so let’s take stock, calmly, and savoring every moment.

2016: Consolidate the Product

Create once, run everywhere

At the beginning, it was easy, because there was only one option: create an app for the iPad. Our efforts were concentrated on that, because the iPad was the tool used by our partners at the time. We developed the best tools to respond to their current and future needs, with one goal in mind: offering them the greatest amount of freedom in the creative process. The HTML feature opened up even more possibilities, letting them insert their own functions via Javascript.

We then started work on the Android version. It was a big job. In essence we needed to recreate all of the studio functions so that they would work exactly the same whether on iOS or on Android. That’s no small thing, as you know if you’ve got some experience with the complexity and fragmentation associated with that platform. But after months of work, the little green guy joined in the adventure in April.

The smartphone build (iOS/Android) was released around the middle of the year. There wasn’t any official announcement, but it’s already being used with museums, press kits, and institutional reports.

And so today you can create a single project, using PandaSuite for tablet, smartphone or computer, with iOS, Android or HTML5!

Shhhhhh! It’s a secret!

It all started with a need: how to spread confidential material from one manager’s tablet to another? After a quick look at the requirements, we were blown away! It meant creating a developer account, storing the unique ID for the tablet(s), being patient, compiling an .IPA file, generating a distribution certificate to establish the provisioning profile…Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

And it wasn’t just one client asking. There are many kinds of communications (internal presentations, sales catalogs, …) that needed to be transmitted easily, without passing through the stores and in a completely secure manner. And that’s how the hub was born! With one click, you create a link that lets people access your content and download it without going through the stores. What’s more, you can track the link’s usage and the interface can be entirely personalized!

This PandaSuite exclusive was launched in July 2016, and it’s been a success in quite a few big companies (Engie, Société Générale, Orange, BPCE …).

Beyond transmission

Did you know that 50% of apps are never opened after being downloaded? Catching your users attention is a fierce battle that’s only getting fiercer. Knowing this, we’ve created tools that help you to engage and retain your users.

2016: Building the Community

At its heart, PandaSuite has evolved through exchanges with our cultural partners and publishers: Belin, Connaissance des Arts, RMN, … These sectors have been hit hard with the arrival of new technologies, and they’re searching for new models. With PandaSuite, they found an answer to the question of how to generate interactions, with various projects being developed.

Nonetheless, we have always been convinced that our product could help even more people, and this vision was rapidly confirmed. Following the beta launch, we saw new fields joining in: instructors, smaller communications agencies, freelancers, people who were just curious… The word-of-mouth from our early adopters worked, and we came into contact with many different sectors, reaching people who were up to 5 connections away from us!

We’ve also been taking our show on the road, meeting new players, mainly in the communications field and in large corporations. Whether that’s at large events like WebSummit, at hackathons or during workshops, we’ve always gotten enthusiastic feedback and have been able to construct long-term relationships.

For the past two years, we’ve welcomed visitors every Wednesday morning at our office, whoever wanted to discover PandaSuite. Oftentimes with a croissant, but always with good humor, we answer all of their questions and help them with projects that are all completely different from the one before. Numerous schools (ECV, LISAA, Paris 8, …) have adopted PandaSuite and we’re very happy to see these students learning a tool that they can then utilize during their professional lives.

And we’re very proud of our first award coming last year, as we won the Jury Prize at Futur en Seine!We kind of liked the experience, so we’ll make sure it’s not our last award 😉

Futur en seine PandaSuite

So our tool is now being used in a variety of sectors (communications, publishing, culture, …) and for a variety of reasons (prototypes, interactive presentations, product catalogs, web docs, …). In 2016, lots of projects were brought to light, and a special “bravo!” goes out to Hardi MagazineCoproguide d’EngiePaysage d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui and the fun kits from Editions Jungle.

This recap wouldn’t be complete with a word of thanks. A big word of thanks, one that comes from the heart, to everyone who has trusted in our tool and our team. There are too many to name individually, all of those names that pop up regularly on our screens and who are part of our story on a daily basis. Know that you’re a large part of PandaSuite, and that each new function and tool is a direct result of your messages. We’re happy to share in this adventure with you, and together we’ll keep making it even better.

2017: Accelerate Development

Today PandaSuite is ready to help new users and support new projects! Be aware: you’re going to be hearing a lot about us in the coming months 😉

In terms of development, we aren’t slowing down. Many new features are on the docket for this year, but here we’ll only mention one: the kiosk. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to publish multiple publications within one location on the App Store or Google Play, as well as add in-app payments.

What’s more, our goal this year is to further simplify the creative process, making it ever faster and more intuitive. Templates, resources, interface modifications…a bunch of new things that will help you turn your ideas into reality!

To do that, we’ll be expanding our team. If you have experience in marketing/communications or in UX/graphic design, we’re looking for two interns who are excited to join in. Just send your application to aude@pandasuite.com (and make sure to tell us why you want to join us as well as what you’ve already done 🙂

2017 will be ours! If you sell app projects, good news: we’ve seen that the projects that explode are those that had patience. That’s why we composed a memo full of advice to give you a little something extra this year. Together, we’ve got what it takes to spread new communications tools and create beautiful content.

Last thing - if you love PandaSuite, let people know! Word-of-mouth, on social networks, on our site…we’re here and we’re counting on you! Thanks for everything!

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