This month, PandaSuite is turning 5. A 5-year-old child is more independent and curious about the world. The 5th year of a marriage is said to be the year of wood, which represents solidity and the strengthening of the relationship. And a Panda at 5? A sentimental flashback on these past years and a little teaser for what awaits you!

A pioneering no-code tool

In March 2015, how many of you received this now-collector’s email announcing the beta of PandaSuite, this new tool to “build your immersive experience on tablet, without any lines of code“? We were young, we were beautiful… 🐥

la version beta est en ligne

Official launch of PandaSuite’s beta version

Our vision was to create a bridge between technology and content allowing creative people to bring new forms of storytelling to life and generate emotions. At the time, we wanted to make it easier to build apps such as Al Gore’s “Our Choice” interactive iPad application that raised awareness of climate issues.

In line with the latest technological innovations, PandaSuite has grown year after year and now offers you multi-platform development always without code for the main devices of our everyday life: iPhone/mobile Android, iPad/Android tablets, Surface/Pc/MacBook, web browser… While many tools are limited to a single format (web or native), we believe that your project deserves the best format and exceptional quality no matter where it’s distributed.

As pioneers of “low-code/no-code” (long before it became a buzzword) and opposed to a simple templating tool, we focused on providing the greatest level of freedom and customization. Our powerful, flexible components and infinite connections offer a richness of possibilities unequalled on the market, all available in the main programming languages (iOS, Android, web). And it’s worth it: every project made with PandaSuite is inherently unique, and that’s why our tool seduces so many developers, too.

Happy Birthday To Us: PandaSuite is Turning 5

Components & interactivity

Today, you have access to all the triggers (scroll, swipe, pop up…), to the sensors of mobile devices (accelerometer, camera, Bluetooth, Beacon…), to immersive technologies (3D, virtual reality, image recognition…), to dynamic data management… We regularly enrich everything based on your feedback, and we do it quickly given this powerful and solid base, built year after year! There are also many hidden features that we still have to show you.

At the end of 2019, we dedicated ourselves to the dashboard, the user interface that allows you to manage your projects, subscriptions and applications. Over the last few months, we have produced a complete redesign of the interface and developed new functionalities. All the steps to deploy an iOS/Android application on app stores or elsewhere, publish a web page, deploy a MacOS/Windows application, and more have been simplified and enriched… You missed the announcement? Read the recap.

Happy Birthday To Us: PandaSuite is Turning 5

New Dashboard & PandaSuite Studio App

The studio is now available as the PandaSuite Studio App for MacOS and Exe (download here). Today, many of you are waiting for new creative features and we won’t keep you waiting much longer…

A wide variety of projects

Presentation, touch screens, brochure, catalogue, press kit, sales force app, interactive book, magazine… PandaSuite allows you to transform any medium into a richer, more fun and more engaging format. The results? Content is more memorable, unique and takes on a wider scope.

In our portfolio you’ll seen a mix of large scale deployments (JLL, AXA, Thales, Engie, Société Générale…) and smaller projects (students, individuals…). Even if most of our sales are related to CAC 40 companies, we are proud that our tool is accessible to all. In line with our ambition, PandaSuite has been able to help all those with digital communication needs but no technical knowledge, and a desire to communicate differently, in a more liberated & modern way.

Happy Birthday To Us: PandaSuite is Turning 5

PandaSuite Portfolio

Since our first training session at Les Gobelins design school, graphic design and communication students have always been at the forefront of our community, always eager to explore the world of interactive design. We regularly are in contact with them, especially when they have updates in their professional lives, as many of them keep PandaSuite always in their toolbox. Some of them have become true PandaSuite experts both in the marketing of these projects and in their production. How amazing that feels! 🧑🎓

Happy Birthday To Us: PandaSuite is Turning 5

PandaSuite & students

Over the years, we have built numerous partnerships with communications agencies, which today allows us to have, beyond the PandaSuite tool, an ecosystem of skills from the digital world. Because more than just using a digital/interactive tool, there is often a strategic vision to implement and related projects to carry on.

Today, we have more than 17,000 users spread across the world. More and more users come from abroad, and the PandaSuite French Touch is particularly appreciated in North America, Australia and South-East Asia.

The strength of an independent team

None of this would have been possible without the power of our team. From the beginning, we have chosen to stay independent with a small team, as opposed to industry standards that recommended fundraising and quick hiring as the only path to success. 💪

PandaSuite team 😉

Our choices have given us a unique product and are a source of pride from which we get the strength to take up the new challenges that these choices imply. Every detail of this product has been thought out, shaped and made with love from this our Parisian courtyard at 44 rue des Gravilliers and that is priceless to us! 🎖️

Be Panda 🐼

We’ve clearly seen over the years that nothing would have been possible without that bunch of cheerful people who trusted us five years ago. Those audacious and creative beta-testers who discovered us almost by magic, who understood what we were doing even if the execution still had to be fine-tuned … Then others joined along the way, and all of them contributed to making PandaSuite what it is today. A big thank you to you! ❤️

Beyond the diversity of your profiles, we have noticed common values between Pandas, and we now reflect those in our welcome email. We owe a lot to word-of-mouth and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to recommend PandaSuite to someone because they believed in our adventure.

Happy Birthday To Us: PandaSuite is Turning 5

Manifesto “Be Panda”

We have a lot of projects for this year (partnerships, integrations, resources…) and we can’t wait to show them to you all along the way…  Stay connected and up to date with our announcements on the social network that suits you best:

Five years later, our PandaSuite tool is stronger, and more solid than ever. It is just waiting to take up new technological challenges and make new users dream, in France or abroad. There are so many great stories to tell – together, let’s find new ways to bring them to life…