GDPR here we are!

GDPR here we are!

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  • GDPR here we are!

To ensure the internet users a more efficient control on their personal data. That's what is aiming the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR to its friends). PandaSuite is part of that change and we are working to ensure you still more transparency and control concerning your personal data. Here is a review of what is the GDPR and what is our role in it

GDPR what the **** is that?

It's the new regulation adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016. It aims to protect European internet users' personal data. This text comes into effect the 25th May 2018. Every company working with internet is on that subject right now. And what a work to do! Each company collecting, using or treating data has to ensure new ways to guarantee a transparency on:

  • the use (finality)
  • the length of that use
  • the access to your data
  • your right to be forgotten

The PandaSuite Team has been working on that five points for weeks (and we keep working) to be more and more transparent with the collect and the use of your personal data.

GDPR and PandaSuite

Our work is focused on several facets that are essential to us and in agreement with the GDPR. Several moves have been made and others will be very soon.

Business Intelligence

We study and watch, we draw our inspiration from good practices and from major actors who are concerned by the GDPR.

New Privacy Policy

We want to provide a new privacy policy that will be clearer and more explicit.

Subscription process reworking

We revamp the subscription steps to optimise them and to clarify the process.

Explicit consent

Opt-in, double opt-in, check box... We offer you the choice to receive or not our information (newsletter, tutorials, tips) in an explicit way.

New contact address

We created a new contact address for all your demands concerning deletion, modification or anything else that concerns your personal data.

Our commitments

PandaSuite commits itself to bring you more and more transparency on how we use your information on how we collect it until when and why. But we want to give you more control on your personal data. You could erase them or modify them more easily. In that way we are aiming a true relationship based on confidence between you and us. We know that you will keep creating wonderful interactive content thanks to that confidence.

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