Fresh and New

Fresh and New

December 11th, 2017|Tags: |
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2018 has just started, but PandaSuite already has some tasty updates for you. Let’s take a look at what’s new 🙂

Image recognition

It’s the latest PandaSuite feature! Image recognition lets you start a certain action when your camera “recognizes” a particular image.

After Effects integration

Bodymovin is a plug-in built by the AirBnB team to export your After Effects animations for the web(in SVG + Javascript), letting them be easily inserted into PandaSuite. Besides making your life way easier, it also optimize the size of your images! Now you can directly integrate your animation’s .zip file in an HTML composer.

Tutorial (in French):

Native GPS 

GPS has been reworked to let you more easily create position markers and launch interactions linked to GPS coordinates directly through the creation studio. We are go for treasure hunts!

Responsive preview

The new preview is online! It lets you see how your project reacts to different ratios and thus simplifies your responsive work.

Desktop app

Tada!!! Today your project is also available in .exe and .dmg formats. The desktop app is available for Mac and Windows with a personalizable icon that can be updated with just one click. And for the same price - €99/month/app.


It’s a real alternative to an HTML export, which can sometimes be a bit restrictive in terms of deployment!


No more one-off projects! Bring all of your publications (magazines, reports, …) into a kiosk available through the app stores (mobile and tablet), on desktop or through a downloadable link. Personalize the interface, update it regularly and create sub-headings: there’s no limit to the content you create!


Progressive web apps

All web apps created with PandaSuite are now progressive!

In a word, progressive web apps bring together the best of the web and the best of native apps, going beyond the traditional limits of a browser. The main advantage is offline managementguaranteed by the caching of the service worker. We’ll let you know more soon on our blog 🙂

On-premise installation

PandaSuite can now be installed directly on a company’s internal servers. Notably, this lets it be used in highly restricted infrastructures, such as those found in banks. This is available through a user license and installation fees depend on the existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure optimization

After a few problems during the month of November, we retooled our entire architecture to reduce our dependence on external services. Concretely, we’re now using a flexible and dynamic infrastructure that changes with demand. Now no matter how many of you are using PandaSuite at once, we’ll have data servers, memory, etc. optimized so that there’s never a problem! The modules are independent one from another and are easy to manage no matter the situation. Backups are also automatically created to make sure your data is safe at all times.

Today this model lets us manage our growing user base easily and without worrying about any crashes due to overloading.

And finally...

  • 3D objects are growing and there are more formats: With .obj and .mtl, you can now possible to upload 3D objects as .gltf and interact with them like any other component
  • Responsive optimization: After an early test phase (and your comments), we realized that there was a need to manage the “parent” within responsive. So for example now it’s possible to change the position of a title within a scrolling zone and not only within the screen. Done!
  • Process optimization: Each device (tablet, mobile, …) needs a specific type of image, and reworking these images can take time during the project’s download or updates. We’ve eliminated that need through the optimization work that the studio already does on its end. The result is that you get to save time during your day!

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