PandaSuite's First Birthday

PandaSuite's First Birthday

April 18th, 2016|Tags: |
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One year. It's been 365 days since the official launch of the beta version and a little more since when we came up with the idea of developing an independent tool to create applications without line of code. Were we ambitious? Probably a little crazy 🙂

16 539 commits

Throughout these 16 539 commits* PandaSuite became a simple, powerful and scalable creation platform. Adopted by many schools, training centers, communication agencies, large groups, free, students ... and you! From Paris to Dublin, we discovered a growing enthusiasm and met new Pandas.

Today, you create iOS, Android and HTML5 without any line of code. You play with the most advanced interactive features such as accelerometer and geolocation. You distribute your project to a friend, to a group of users or on the App Store and Google Play. And this is only the beginning.

The Best Community In The World

This year we get to know you and we are pleased to announce you are the best community in the world. Not because of your croissants or because you run behind your big boss to promote PandaSuite (true stories). This is because we share the same sweet madness and the same dreams of interactivity.

You took the time to know us and discover the tool. Together, we have jointly developed what he is today. Thank you for everything.

And congratulations! You have done well this year with 1475 projects, your 16,233 interactive actions and your 22 853 working sessions!

The World Of PandaSuite

From version to version, PandaSuite is now officially out of beta. Time to conquer the world.

Tomorrow there will be new stories and new experiences. Technology and creativity will provide more opportunities and at the crossroad, there will be a Panda.

Our vision is strong and there will be great surprises. Can't wait to tell you everything! We did not expect someone to read an article about our 1 year anniversary (apart from friends and family). This means we're on the right way. In any case, there is a whole and we count on you 🙂

Thank you for your confidence.

Nicolas, Anne-Sophie, Benjamin, Jerome and Aude

équipe pandasuite

*commit = founding act which is to compile his personal code to the common base and contributes every day to improve your creative experience 🙂

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Benjamin Barbe
Benjamin - Developer & Wine Amateur 🍷 Just focus on defining the best experience ever… We do the rest! PandaSuite is a digital creation solution for designing rich interactive apps on mobile/tablet/web without a line of code.