New Dynamic Data Management

New Dynamic Data Management

October 18th, 2018|Tags: , |
  • Gérez vos données de manière dynamique

Discover our new feature, which lets you automatically manage your data. Have a catalogue with lots of products? A new multiple choice questionnaire to set up? Acting as both a content manager and a new Variables & Condition system, this external platform will let you increase your productivity, take your projects further, and bring in new collaborators!

Content Manager

Dissociate content and design

Create your screen template and personalize your data structure. Using this new independent platform, you’ll be able to manually add and modify text and images, as well as import a CSV file (coming).

  • Create your fields and choose their type: date, string...
  • Insert all kinds of content: text, image, video...
  • Manage your data easily with our Show/Filter/Sort functions

New workflow & new players

Assign tasks and bring new players into your production workflow. You’ll save time and be more agile.

  • Offer restricted access to your clients/collaborators
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Manage your updates instantly

Variables & Conditions

Define your interaction scenarios

Personalize user experience by defining interaction scenarios. It’s now simple to add logic into your project, you become more agile while automating particular actions.

  • Choose your variables: value, string, boolean...
  • Establish your conditions
  • Choose the action you want

Many ways to use this feature

Here are some potential use cases (e-learning, user behavior…):

  • Display a score,
  • Configure a number of attempts,
  • Save your progress,
  • Open a pop-up when the app is first opened,
  • Create more complex games...

Compatible with all the PandaSuite features, these variables & conditions open up a whole new fields of possibilities!

These new features are currently available in private beta. Reach out to us if you would like to participate and we’ll guide you along in the production of your first projects.

About the Author:

Aude - Happy Ambassador & Phone Breaker 📵 I'm helping people turning ideas into engaging interactive content. PandaSuite makes it easy for you to create interactive content without any coding (mobile/tablet/desktop).