Downloadable Content to Optimize App Size

Downloadable Content to Optimize App Size

May 4th, 2017|Tags: , |
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Downloading an app is a commitment for a user. It means giving up storage space for an app that they don’t know much about. It means starting a download process that’s too often felt to be slow. That’s why it’s important to optimize app size to make sure they don’t immediately abandon or delete the app. Believe me, your users will be ruthless!

Just for info, the average size of an iOS app is 38Mb and Android apps average 15Mb. Any app that’s over 100Mb can’t even be downloaded unless you’re on a WiFi network!

Now though, you can add downloadable content within your application so that its shell starts out lighter. A fresh video, chapter, topic, game level…everything can be configured just right!

Find out how to add downloadable content in your app: Add Download

Good to know: PandaSuite offers a revolutionary way to optimize your media content. When someone downloads media using our tool, it is automatically configured so that only the compatible version is downloaded (instead of having to download all of the possible versions for retina displays / iPhone / iPad / Android, like on other services that we won’t name!). There’s no loss in quality or compression, and on average we’ve found that the weight of media content can be reduced by 60%, and overall app weights can be reduced by several megabytes 🙂

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