Don't Speak About Apps Anymore

Don't Speak About Apps Anymore

February 6th, 2017|Tags: |
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This is a message for our dear agencies and freelancers 🙂

PandaSuite was born to make it easier to create interactive content. In order for you, your neighbor or niece to develop a tablet, smartphone or desktop application without graduating from the school 42. Because human have always told stories and tomorrow we will continue to do so. But through interaction on screens.

However dear friends, we know that today it is still complicated to sell an application. Just to mention the word "application" and the mind of your interlocutor undoubtedly fills with crazy deadlines, budgets with too many zeros and 100% anxiogenic technical words. Although the creation is now simple as a play of children, there are still a lot of prejudices.

Don't speak about about application anymore, you're scaring them! Find answers beyond the application. While digital transformation is one of the magazines, the needs are increasing for sexy presentations, new generation press releases, interactive catalogs for sales people, interactive stories ... So change your vocabulary ... even if you speak Of the same!

Prototype and bring quickly your idea to life, well before the least "go" of your customer. We live in a culture where the visual is predominant and it is often still difficult for your interlocutors to imagine your digital projects. Take pictures from their website, transform a PDF into a few animated screens much like the Made For Com agency did to sell an app to Mitsubishi. In a few hours, they achieved a top result! And immediately, your discussion will evolve: from the "why", you will begin to build the "how".

The current trend is to immersion, geo-contextualization and data? Use virtual reality, GPS, beacon sensors and analytics to answer them. Yes, you have access! We spent a lot of time last year understanding these challenges and integrating these technologies into the PandaSuite tool. The opportunities are huge, do not hesitate to delve into it.

But most of all, let's work together. We all have to win. Let us talk about these new issues around us, reassure our interlocutors and sensitize our loved ones. It isn't because we believe in digital that we neglect paper. It's the opposite: each medium must take advantage of its essence for better complementarity. Build new partnerships, share your failures and achievements. Let's be together for common projects.

And for each stage of this great adventure, you can count on PandaSuite. 🙂


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Aude - Happy Ambassador & Phone Breaker 📵 I'm helping people turning ideas into engaging interactive content. PandaSuite makes it easy for you to create interactive content without any coding (mobile/tablet/desktop).