Create your interactive app on tablet

Create your interactive app on tablet

March 11th, 2015|Tags: , , |
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We officially launched our beta version a week ago, and we have already presented PandaSuite many times, getting really interesting feedback. Because we aren’t sure we’ll meet you one day (yes, you who are reading this article on your screen), we really want to present PandaSuite to you, as we would do if you were visiting us in our office in Paris. We imagine we were face to face with you – and you’re interested but skeptical. This is what we would say to you, always holding a tablet in hand.

Create awesome apps for tablet

PandaSuite was created because we wanted to see a lot of great of apps and encourage people with great ideas – like you – to create their own apps, or ones they dream of. We have been working on designing a solution, giving you a lot of interactivities and possible means in the creative process, of course in an intuitive way.

We have developed our creation studio so you can build the scenario you have in mind. Our creation components are fully customizable, so you can do whatever you want with them. Find a new use for them; you can add some markers to define a specific situation (time, position, page…) to add some specific interactions, or combine them together. Every detail here.

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and if possible, an iPad to preview your project. Your contents are managed and optimized by the cloud. To deliver the best experience and fit the best to different outputs, your app is available in native formats for iOS, Android (soon), and HTML5 version for web projects.

Free access

Feel free to start now! We offer free access to those who would like to test their projects with PandaSuite. And once you decide to submit your app to the stores, the subscription is 99 euros per month, including help with the submission, hosting, real-time updating, and community follow-up management.

And because we like hearing from you, you can contact us through our online live chat! However we have not decided yet who would answer between 0:00 and 7.00 am, thank you for your understanding!:)

Now it’s your turn on

Credits: photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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Aude - Happy Ambassador & Phone Breaker 📵 I'm helping people turning ideas into engaging interactive content. PandaSuite makes it easy for you to create interactive content without any coding (mobile/tablet/desktop).