Changelog (12.18.2015)

Changelog (12.18.2015)

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Christmas is coming! Apple has quickly validated our updates for Louvrissime and Salat, and the new version of PandaViewer: too easy! We can introduce you the new studio features, now available from your tablet.

The coolest news of the week: PandaViewer 3.0.0

  • New interface design and flat design integration
  • Optimization of the downloading process: always quicker!
  • Integration of the resources, blog and instant messages: let's stay in touch!
  • Updates: a new update banner (be careful to tap at the right place) and even you don't catch this banner, you can update your project directly using the new button in the hidden menu.
  • Two ways for refreshing the list of projects: a new synchronization button at the top right or pull down from the top to the bottom
  • iOS 9 and iPad Pro compatibility
  • Guided tour at the first connexion
  • Sign-up form

New features in studio V1.2.5-beta:

  • New volume & rate actions for the Audio & Video Player: set/increase/decrease volume, set/increase/decrease rate, restart from beginning, put/remove fullscreen (only video)
  • New synchronization parameters for the Audio & Video Player: volume & rate
  • New action: "Go to previous/next screen"
  • We wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

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