Changelog (03/25/16)

Changelog (03/25/16)

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It's clear and simple: here are the main changes of the past two weeks. The new grid, the new iOS viewer, new tutorials... and many bug corrections. Enjoy your reading. And have a nice weekend 🙂

Focus : The New Grid

Grid was one of your most requested features. It is now available in the studio. You cannot have layout problems anymore 😉

Click the grid icon at the bottom left in the workspace options.


Here are the options: choose the number of blocks and their size, color of the grid (primary and secondary), opacity, whether to display it or not and the alignment of your objects on the grid. Class, right?


Studio 1.4.3

  • Inserting 3D content (what??? You didn't know??? Read this article right now)
  • Increased size of the scrolling area to 100 000 pixels (instead of 10,000)
  • Fixed bug stretching / alignment within a scroll area
  • Adding a resources category in the HTML component


  • Change email (in the ACCOUNT section)
  • Sharing HTML link integrated in the interface (only for Pro Pandas !!)
  • New update process: in the APPLICATION section and no more in the PROJECT section.

PandaViewer 3.0.3

PandaSuite: The HTML Component Awakens! This component definitely wants to win back the hearts and minds of every PandaSuite users.

Play with camera, use GPS, use local storage… This new features are now available without any line of code using the HTML component. Discover our ready-to-use modules and insert them into your projects. And if you know how to code, create your custom components with our guidelines.

Otherwise, many bugs have been now solved. Please take our words, there are really hard to explain! 🙂

We'll talk about all that next week.

Aperçu (web PandaViewer )

  • Correction of the video that does not launch! (Poke Alexandre)

New tutorial

  • Insert PDF file: easily insert your PDF documents in your application. Offline or online, choose your method.
  • Update your application: You can update content at any time, on any platform and in no time This is why PandaSuite is magical 🙂

About the Author:

Nicolas - Developer & Alsatian Capoeirista 🤸 Just focus on defining the best experience ever… We do the rest! PandaSuite is a digital creation solution for designing rich interactive apps on mobile/tablet/web without a line of code.