Change Size of your Project

When creating a new project, you can now choose orientation and size. You can adapt to specific tablets or screens (kiosks etc …).

If you want to create for iPad or new Android tablets, you have nothing to do. The default ratio is 4:3.

Be careful that you cannot change the size thereafter.

The Importance of the Ratio

When creating a project with PandaSuite, the layout is fixed (“fixed layout“), which means that ratio remains the same while the format may change depending on the device. The layout is proportionally adapted to this new format.

For example, an application created in 4:3 will perfectly fit an iPad mini and an iPad Pro consultation: PandaSuite optimizes your project to provide the best experience on every device.

If the tablet ratio is different from the project, black bands appear. They may appear on PandaViewer.

The 4: 3 ratio is now becoming a standard as it’s now adopted by different manufacturers. That’s why this is our default format.

Check out this table of the main tablet ratio/sizes.

How to Change Size?

  • Go to your admin page.
  • Click the “+ NEW PROJECT” button in the list on the left.
  • In the window, change orientation or go into the advanced options.