3D Interactions With Ancient Statuary at the Louvre Museum

An interactive table was installed in the Louvre Museum for the visitors to play with a priceless Egyptian statuary of the King Osorkon II. Rotate, zoom in and control the object to discover the written details. This realistic rendering was only made possible with the use of the 3D . Try on site! [...]

PROTOTYPES // Graphic Arts Projects from EPSAA Students

Chance meetings can develop into beautiful projects. That’s what happened with the EPSAA school. Following an introduction organized by the Parisian mayor’s office (thanks to Hélène Rambert and Jérôme Pernoud, director of the EPSAA!) and our earlier partnerships with schools (Les Gobelins, LISAA, ECV…), we were happy to discover a new institution full of [...]

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Quiet! We’re playing!

For over a decade, games have moved beyond pure entertainment. Political parties, media groups, businesses and museums use gamification techniques to increase their engagement with the public, especially with young people. What techniques, you ask? And how can you use them?Let’s take a look at this very non-frivolous world :-) Making Politics [...]

April 21st, 2017|Tags: , , |

Beaubourg 3D Printing Art as Seen by Students From Jacques Prévert High School

A partnership between the Graphic Design section of Jacques Prévert High School (Boulogne Billancourt) and the Centre Georges Pompidou let students create interactive experiences centered on works displayed in the expo “Imprimer le monde”. Le Centre Pompidou is investigating aspects of 3D printing in a small collective expo presented in its Gallery 4. Once machines can fabricate objects [...]

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Hello 2017

Well, we’re already into February. 2017 has started fast, keeping up the mad pace of 2016. Before getting into the wandering road of development, let’s take a moment to have a quick recap of what’s been going on. After 2015 and the beta launch, 2016 was the year that PandaSuite began its commercialization process. It [...]

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Native Apps VS. Web Apps: Which to Choose?

Want to develop a mobile project? You have two options: a native application or a web application. Even if you know absolutely nothing about IT development, this is an important choice, as it determines your strategic positioning and the organization of your mobile site. So it’s best to understand the differences as early as possible :-) [...]

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