Share your app in desktop mode

Share your app in desktop mode

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Share your app on desktops and customize recipients. It's now possible with the desktop app. One app, several channels to share what you want to who you want. We tell you everything about this new way to publish your app.

Desktop app: how does it work?

Once you have created your app, you just send a link to your users. They download your app with it. According to their device, users will download a .dmg or .exe file (Mac or PC). After the downloading, an icon is created on the desktop. Your app is reachable by this icon, like any other software.

A custom broadcast kiosque

Let's take an example: you want to regularly provide interactive documents to your sale team (catalogue etc...). Good news is you can add/delete/update your interactive documentation with ease in the app. Therefore, you can turn your app into a broadcast kiosque and host all your communication medium in a custom interface.

Channels for a better access management

Another desktop app's strength is the access management: you can control and manage access to Channels. For instance, you want to share confidential document but only with your sale director. All you have to do is create a new access link to unlock this new Channel and this Channel will be only reachable by those who receive the new link. In this Channel you can add one or several interactive publication.

And of course, number on Channel is unlimited!

Many other advantages

Available even without connection

Once the app is downloaded, content is available without connection. Very useful if users are moving.

Instantly updates

A desktop app doesn't depend on stores. Consequently, when you update your app, changes are immediately and automatically effective. Content is always up to date. Users don't have to download anything because it's an automatic process. They just have to have a connection.

Connect your app to Google Analytics

Keep a tight rein on your consultation stats. You can analyse uses and improve your app in consequence.

Compatible with Window tablets (Surface)

Until now, only HTML version was compatible with Windows tablets like the Surface. With the desktop app (in .exe file) you can share it on Windows tablets with the same format as a classical app that is its own icon and an off-line access.

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