Best Creative Agencies Christmas Cards

Best Creative Agencies Christmas Cards

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We are in November and Christmas cards are officially launched! This is the mandatory step for any creative communication agency. Each year, you have to get fresh ideas to announce Christmas and New Year's Eve with style, humor or emotion.

This is a great way to show specific skills or great creativity. It also makes you stand out from the competition and communicate originally with your customers. Sometimes you might even win some prizes.

As the year is almost over, this topic is spreading in your agency. And if you finally did not expect mid-December to work on this subject?

Maurice Levy as a guest star, a beautiful vinyl, a motion design video, an experiential website ... and you, what will be your greeting card 2017?

Overview of the most original Christmas cards:

Havas Paris - Paris Districts (2013)

To promote the new name of the agency, Havas Paris has released in 2013 this original presentation of the city. Also an highlight of the year major events and a great way to immerse in the various districts through typographic games. Congratulations for this amazing achievement in motion and its declination in postcards ❤

havas saint martin

Canal + - More Happiness (2014)

Yes, Canal + is not an agency, but this invitation to simple pleasures deserved its place in our list. Brushing a pony, getting lost near a lake or screaming at the top of mountains, these are some of the concrete and delightful activities Canal + suggested us to kick off the year in the right mood!

canal + voeux
canal + voeux
canal + voeux

Unfortunately the website is no longer available.

Publicis - The Human YouTube player (2013)

Each year it is a pleasure to meet the serious Maurice Levy in the most unlikely situations. After finding out that the traditional speech was "skipped" by users, the DigitasLBi France creative team prepared us some surprises by incorporating all the functions of player in ... Maurice Levy. This was a perfect demonstration of a technological know-how and a real success with winning 21 awards.

SNCF - Get on Board For 2014 (2014)

The interactive greeting card SNCF was based on a concept of animated typography to illustrate the most festive destinations served by the airline. A simple implementation (scrolling effect) but effective.

sncf voeux

Publicis - The More, The Merrier (More the merrier, the merrier) (2014)

Still our dear Maurice in a crazy setting! As a reference with Omnicom (the merger was on the agenda at the time), these wishes integrated real-time face detection in front of the computer. Depending on the number of viewer, the setting and the content of the video changed. The party was at its best when the device was detecting ten faces in front of the webcam.

publicis 2014

Havas Paris - The playlist of the Year (2016)


As Havas Paris and Havas 360 were merging, they decided to represent their symbiosis through a musical playlist for the upcoming year. Employees (non professional singers) recorded an album composed of songs only dedicated to Paris and available on Soundcloud and on a beautiful vinyl.  😉

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