The benefits of adding interactive content to your marketing strategy

The benefits of adding interactive content to your marketing strategy

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  • Les bienfaits du contenu interactif pour votre stratégie marketing

Is creating more engaging content part of your 2019 goals? With lowered attention spans and the need to stand out, interactive content is THE solution that more and more marketers are turning to when trying to strengthen audience engagement and increase their conversion rates.

Easy to create, able to be used across your channels (website, blog, apps…) and incredibly efficient, interactive content enriches your subject matter and opens new fields of possibilities.

What does interactive content do?

Quite simply, it asks your audience to do something. The user has to click, scroll, zoom, etc., in order to access information. Why do it? Because it is a rich, visual and fun format that sparks people’s curiosity. And that makes them more likely to remember it.

Is it a totally new format? Not really. It’s been seen in various forms. What’s really new is the ease with which you can now create it and the ability to deploy it using digital tools.

So why not use it, especially when interactive content perfectly fits the real needs of today’s marketing and sales managers, including:

  • Grabbing attention in a world that’s drowning in information
  • Making your offer / product more fun and understandable
  • Setting you apart from the competition and moving up in a world dominated by images and the user experience
  • Matching the trends of the digital world and succeeding in the shift to digital

It’s also a real alternative to the growing fatigue we have with dull, static tools. Tired of Powerpoint and PDFs? Irritated by a general lack of flexibility? Lots of you have told us you’re looking for new solutions in 2019!

Sales presentations, training programs, project proposals, onboarding guides… It’s up to you where you want to start!

How about some examples of interactive content?

Here are a few different types of interactive content (list is definitely not exhaustive):

Animated infographic

No need to go into detail on the advantages of an infographic for presenting data visually and improving your corporate presentations. Infographics won over marketers’ hearts years ago. Instead of a “flat” infographic, you can build one that includes animated graphics, buttons, moving illustrations, all linked to the user’s clicking or scrolling.

Simulator / Interactive catalog

Are your product pages still purely informative? Give your potential customers the ability to play around with your products virtually and understand their benefits for themselves. Create points of interest, add 360° visualizations, cursors for pivoting the object...

Interactive module to help make a decision

It’s often difficult to find information on a site, and visitors can feel a bit lost when faced with too many options and offers. You can personalize the experience and simplify things for them using an interactive decision-making module. You’re between 18-25 years old? Are you still a student? Are you looking for the best loan solution? Discover our Youth+ package

The user responds to a series of questions until they arrive at a personalized response.

Dynamic organizational chart

Are you mostly working on corporate communications? Bring life to your boss’s presentation with an interactive organizational chart. Click on the photo and the description will appear.

diaporama comexposium

Interactive kiosk

Do you have a showroom for your clients to visit? Do you participate in events and have a hard time moving your products around all the time? Add an interactive kiosk to your display space (even just a simple tablet) that lets your visitors access multimedia content, use cases, everything they need to understand your products and their benefits.

Reinforce the link between physical and digital space thanks to Beacon proximity sensors and image recognition.

Games (Drag & Drop,...)

Explore the world of games to engage your audience. Drag & drop, memory tests, quizzes, puzzles… They’re all great ways to get your message across!

drag & drop

These modules can be included in a presentation, on your institution’s website, on a blog, social networks, a tablet… When created with PandaSuite, they’re available in different formats (HTML5/iOS/Android) and are thus compatible with all kinds of digital access (website, mobile, tablet…).

How do I build interactive content?

No need to be a developer. All of these formats can be created and maintained by a graphic designer or another creative talent. Starting from your content (images, text, videos, etc.), create your screens, user actions and animations, all without needing any additional technical knowledge!

To get started, identify your objectives and the key information you want to share. It’s the only way to figure out what needs an interactive tool… or what doesn’t!

Beyond the playful aspect, interactive content brings our ways of storytelling back into question, pushing us to reimagine everything. It also needs a certain ability to master the codes of the digital world. Remember that our community of graphic designers is available to help and, if needed, create your first interactive materials!

Everything’s a question of balance: it’s not about changing all of your content into interactive content (that would probably exhaust your users and make them lose focus). Remember that adding cute but useless little tricks doesn’t add anything to your message!

The profitability question

Let’s not avoid it. Yes, creating interactive content is a bigger investment than creating traditional content. But it’s in the name of long-term profitability!

Track the stats and ROI of your content (time spent, number of clicks, user journey…) by connecting your analytics tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel…).

Use this data to better understand your users. 70% answered “first purchase” regarding their search for a new home? It would be best to angle your offers toward those looking to buy their first house.

Interactive content is also easily reusable. Create templates and train your marketing teams to reuse them for more campaigns!

Ready to get started? The first step is identifying the most appropriate subject. Create your free account on and get in touch: our team is here to help you take the first steps and, if needed, to create your first interactive content for you!

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