Android Is Now Officially Available

Android Is Now Officially Available

April 18th, 2016|Tags: , |
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We are proud to announce that the Android version is officially released. Preview your project on your Android tablet, publish on Google Play and create a unique interactive multi-platform experience.

The Largest App Marketplace

Google Play is the largest application marketplace and the Android OS has the greatest number of users in the world. Contrary to Apple, this is a real paradise both in terms of app policy and validation delay. Many industries have made the choice of Android.

apple et android chiffres

Android versus iOS - Key figures

However, the Android environment is a nightmare for developers. Because there are many formats, manufacturers and versions, it is extremely difficult to cover the entire fleet. This is the main challenge of Android development.

Create once for iOS, Android and HTML5

With PandaSuite, you can focus on your design, interactions and ... that's it! Your project is automatically optimized for every distribution channel. For Android, your project is converted into a native Java application, an .apk file, ready for Google Play. As for the App Store, we support you during the submission process.

When creating your project, you need to choose the most common ratio in order to perfectly adapt to a maximum of tablets. Others will display your project with black. We recommend that you prioritize the 4/3 Apple is now the all new Android tablets.

The Android Viewer

Download PandaViewer your favorite viewer, for free on Google Play. Graphic codes have evolved, but it is the same companion to instantly test and share your creations.

pandasuite viewer

PandaViewer on the App Store and Google Play

PandaSuite advanced features unfortunately are not supported by all Android tablets. For now, only the tablets with version 4.2 and are compatible + PandaSuite, subject to certain exceptions and we are working to expand this list to other models.

The first Android applications

Durant notre phase de finalisation, nous en avons profité pour sortir les premières applications Android :

rencontre photographique

Rencontres photographiques: the application that makes you hyper stalled on the photo exhibition of the municipality of Paris 10 and makes you shine in society.


Pandacraft: the application of cousins ​​that allows you to chill out with your children while making them grow!

Feel free to download them, they are free. And we wait yours!

The little green man is now part of the great family of Panda and this is only the beginning of the adventure 🙂

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Nicolas - Developer & Alsatian Capoeirista 🤸 Just focus on defining the best experience ever… We do the rest! PandaSuite is a digital creation solution for designing rich interactive apps on mobile/tablet/web without a line of code.