”Da a tarra à u piattu”, the educational app of the Corsican agriculture

”Da a tarra à u piattu”, the educational app of the Corsican agriculture

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  • "Da a tarra à u piattu", l’application pédagogique de l’agriculture Corse

Initiated by the Chamber of Agriculture of Southern Corsica and financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, “Da a tarra à u piattu” is an educational app about the theme of Corsican agriculture. It explains different professions, seasonality fruits, typical local products … From the sheep to the clementine, passing by the Corsican chestnut, “Da a tarra à u piattu” shows you all the Corsican richness and much more …

An educational project first of all

The app was born from an educational project. The first goal was (and still is) to increase awareness and to inform the youngest to products’ seasonality, to the Corsican agriculture’s typical and unique character and to the know-how of the local farmers in their different professions. This educational aim has encouraged the communication manager of the Chamber of Agriculture of Southern Corsica, Stella Emmanueli, to work with the CANOPE, a network specialized in educational resources. This partnership aimed to keep an educational point of view to create the app.

“Da a tarra à u piattu” is the first app of this kind and on this theme. It’s an innovative project that other regions might be inspired by to create their modern supports to communicate with a large audience.

Da a tarra à u piattu sommaire

An educational and playful app

The first targets were the schoolchildren. “Da a tarra à u piattu” provides different screens with educational and informative contents to answer at the first aim : sensitize the youngest to Corsican agriculture. With explanatory and illustrated screens, users can learn more about different agricultural and farming professions, the seasonality of the products and even discover some typical recipes.

And what better than a playful approach to explain this vast subject ? Users can test their knowledge with different quizz, play mini-games like mazes, puzzles or 7 differences game. This app is a modern and playful educational support which will please many people, even the big kids … Indeed the app has been introduced at Le Salon International de l’Agriculture 2018 of Paris (The International Agriculture Show). This presentation aimed to attract other regions’ attention on this innovative and promising project.

Da a tarra à u piattu salon de l'agriculture

The app “da a tarra à u piattu” is available on tablet on Google Play and on the App Store. Don’t hesitate to download it to discover Corsican agricultural heritage, it’s totally free.


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