A Better Workflow With New Interface

A Better Workflow With New Interface

February 4th, 2016|Tags: , |
  • Un meilleur process de travail avec la nouvelle interface

Is PandaSuite:

  • an incredibly interactive design studio?
  • a daily companion throughout your development cycle?
  • a team at your service?

Correct answer: all three.

We worked on anything that allows you to create more, create better and improve your workflow.

The new administration interface

You spend time on your admin section and it's essential that you feel good. This is where you take decisions: it must be clear, pleasant and powerful. We took to heart in recent weeks and the new version is now online.


New administration interface

Among the new features:

  • Change the size and orientation of your projects: when creating a new project, you can customize dimensions. Be careful, this cannot be undone.
  • Invoice management: you can access invoices directly in "My Account" section and manage your subscriptions more easily.

Feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions on this new interface.

The Pro Account features

pro account

The super features of the Pro Account

How to collect user feedback? How to manage back and forth with my client? How to preview the final result of the broadcast? How to create my own templates? How to forward the draft to someone else?

And many others.

These issues are really important for your project. Because we want to provide you with the best support, we created the Pro account (29 € per month) with great features:

  • Share your projects: Make it easy round trips on your work and collect many feedbacks. Using a simple email address, give access to your tablet via projects PandaViewer application.
  • Create your templates: recycle your work by duplicating an existing project. With the function "Change source" of the studio, you just replace the media without changing the layout and interactivity.
  • Transfer your project to another user: when working for a client, he/she sometimes wants to make his own changes. With the "transfer" feature, you send the entire project on its PandaSuite account. Warning: you don't longer have access!

Transfer your project to another user

And this is just the beginning... You can become the king / queen of the project management! We never told you that you had a head to wear a crown? 😉

About the Author:

Nicolas - Developer & Alsatian Capoeirista 🤸 Just focus on defining the best experience ever… We do the rest! PandaSuite is a digital creation solution for designing rich interactive apps on mobile/tablet/web without a line of code.