After the release of the Authentication, After Effects and GPS components last month, discover the new 3D / AR component to enhance your 3D objects, create many interactions and visualize them in Augmented Reality (AR). 3D catalogue, user guides for technical products or augmented visit of cultural places, the opportunities are huge for many sectors of activity. 

Google has recently released a new feature in its search engine: view 3D animals in augmented reality. Never tried it before? It’s bluffing! And what’s even crazier is that it’s now extremely easy to carry out the same experience with PandaSuite. 🐼

The New 3D/AR Component

3D and Augmented Reality: New Component, Awesome Opportunities

The new 3D / AR component

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new 3D/AR component. 🔥

PandaSuite allows you to insert your 3D objects in GLB & glTF formats. Like any component, you can define positions (markers), trigger actions from the 3D object or interact on the 3D object (for example rotation actions). Don’t hesitate to synchronize your 3D object with a scrolling zone and enjoy the fluidity of the rendering!

What is really awesome is the “Enable AR experience” option. It allows, from an iOS or Android mobile device, to visualize the 3D object in augmented reality and to manipulate it in its environment thanks to the camera.

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Augmented 3D Experience For Your Sales, Learning or Cultural Tools

The visualization of a 3D object allows to better understand it, to project oneself and finally to encourage the act of purchase. By using augmented reality, it is also possible to place it in another environment. It is therefore an indispensable asset for retail and industrial players for sales tools (3D simulator, configurator…) or even technical user manuals.

With its mobile application IKEA Place, for example, the Swedish giant lets you virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space.


IKEA Place Mobile App

In the context of a museum or an exhibition, 3D visualization in augmented reality makes it possible to bring back to life missing or fragile objects.

3D Objects Available for Free

The creation and modeling of a 3D object requires special skills. However, if you don’t have 3D resources, there are solutions.

Google has recently launched Poly, its 3D object sharing platform. Millions of simple or complex objects await you for your creations. It is also possible to export them in GIF.  Sketchfab is also a reference in the field.

Specialized agencies also offer to model your products in 3D.

3D and Augmented Reality: New Component, Awesome Opportunities

Google Poly