14 ways to use PandaSuite

14 ways to use PandaSuite

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PandaSuite helps you create all kind of interactive supports.

Ok, sure, it feels like a self-promotional article written by a crazy startup in love with its product! That’s not wrong, but it’s also true that PandaSuite’s main strength is in all the things you can do, and how you can do them all without writing any code.

Four years ago when we created this tool, our goal was creation for all: remove every obstacle that blocks people with great ideas from creating their own app. That is why we've always been focused on providing the greatest freedom of creation. Whatever the content, whatever the experience, Panda fits the maximum number of new kinds of needs. And that is why every day we see new forms of content appearing.

Here are 14 possible uses of PandaSuite. Why 14? Why not ? 😃

Commercial support

Salespeople are always on the go and more and more often they bring their tablet along with them. Transforming the printed catalog into an interactive sales support tool simplifies their sales processand magnifies the products through an attractive medium.

Access is secured by an authentication form, updates are instant and it can be easily connected to an ordering system

> Discover Catalog Today and how they revolutionized sales

catalogue today

Cultural tour

Many museums are now turning to the pockets of their visitors to replace the traditional audioguide. Visitors have only to look at their smartphone to get more information about the exhibition.

Virtual reality, 3D, app provides an immersive experience that becomes geo-contextualized coupled with Beacon proximity sensors  and delivers the right information at the right time.

> Discover Studio Blumenfeld, a mix of guided tour and catalog with more than 200 images, videos, interactive content!

app erwin blumenfeld

Event App

Expand your events with a mobile app. For your participants, it is a useful thread for important information: save the date, maps, schedules, programs, etc. Keep your future visitors up to date and let them know what’s going on! The good news: there’s no need to broadcast this application on app stores, you can reserve it for your registered users!

Bonus: Use Beacon proximity sensors to send geo-contextualized information to your participants throughout the event!

Sexy presentation

No more Powerpoint! Create effective and engaging content using all the interactive possibilities! In just a few clicks, insert your content (images, text, videos, PDF ...) and create your animations! Access your presentation from anywhere (computer, mobile, tablet), offline or online.

Digital magazine

The iPad has become for a few years a great support for magazines. Explore a new narrative field,blend different forms of content while integrating the movement and interactivity made possible by tablets.

> Download Hardi, the interactive magazine for iPad from Rouchon studio


Interactive book

Halfway between the book and the cartoon, the interactive book makes the children actors in your story. Enriched with illustrations, it fully exploits animation, sounds and games (puzzles, quizzes, clues ...) to bring an educational dimension to your support.

> Discover Kamoeluk, the interactive story of a tree that wanted to become a man


New screens break the linear narrative pattern of the documentary. The choice of navigation (scrolling, chapters ...), the structuring of narrative (timing...) and the content available (video, text, images ...) make it possible to explore new forms of narration while replacing the user at the center of the narration.

> Discover the achievements of the school POINTVUE

Managerial support

What if your team meetings were a real moment of discussion? Gather around an interactive, playful and engaging support. Insert forms and collect feedback in real time!

Welcome guide

Instead of sending a PPT, why not develop a mobile app to guide your new colleagues for their first days? This lets you have a bank of information that guides newcomers when they arrive. In addition it placed proximity sensors in the corridors that trigger practical information as they go about their day.

> Learn more about interactive welcome guide

integration application


At PandaSuite, we are working on our website with our tool. Agencies use PandaSuite to bring a proposal to life, whether in competition or commercial development.

In a few hours and with a few screens, you bring a concrete solution to life for your interlocutors.

> A prototype made in 2 hours by the agency MadeForCom to sell an application to Mitsubishi

Press release

Most journalists get hundreds of emails every day. They will spend just a few seconds deciding whether something looks interesting. If you don't immediately grab their attention, they'll move on to the next thing in their inbox.

Create an original navigation to access your content (text, videos, images, PDF ...) and spread your message on every device (mobile, tablet, desktop). Use the consultation statistics to evaluate the performance of your press release.

> How to revolutionize the press release

Training Support

How can you better engage people using the techniques of gamification? Create multilingual, customized and unlockable training modules. Use different types of content (photo, video, audio ...) and visually explain the most complicated principles.

> Discover an interactive module on energy saving

Treasure hunt

Create treasure hunts and use gaming techniques to convey your message. Using proximity sensors and GPS, you can transform any place (company, garden, museum ...) into a giant hunting groundand reveal your messages as players go along.

Interactive resume

Don't use a standard resume anymore, choose the best format to present who you are. Tell your story in a different way and show your future recruiters that digital has no secrets for you! Share on mobile, tablet and web.

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